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6 Activities You Should Do for Good Heart Health

One of the most effective ways of improving your heart health is by being physically active. People who spend most of their time being idle or inactive are often some of the most prone to heart or cardiac-related diseases. According to health experts, when it comes to heart health, any physical activity is good, especially if it involves more work for the muscles. Remember that the heart is a muscle; therefore, when you exercise, you are not only improving your biceps or triceps, you are also working out your heart.

Some of the best activities for the heart are the ones that involve a lot of arm and leg movements. This is why running, jogging, walking, and swimming are always number one in the list. In addition to this, all activities or exercises that help the heart pump blood to the body are good for you. However, you do not have to go to the gym to exercise or to do physical activities. Here are some things you can do to improve your heart health.

1. Stretching is good for your body.

Regular stretching of your muscles is good. Do this as you wake up in the morning, before going home from work, and before going to sleep. You can do simple stretching or perform some yoga stretches; it's all up to you. If you do not stretch regularly, your muscles will eventually weaken and lose its flexibility. If this happens, performing daily tasks like tying your shoelaces will become extremely difficult. Stretching is also good for the heart because, as previously stated, the heart is a muscle.

2. Find time for a general cleaning.

Schedule a regular general cleaning for your home. Instead of hiring someone to do the job for you, do everything yourself. Clean the stairs and while doing so, go up and down the steps (one step at a time, of course). Clean your home inside and out, including your garage, garden, and backyard. Before you know it, you'll be sweating non-stop!

3. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Aside from the staircase in your home, stairs in public places can also a tool for your physical activities. In the office, at the mall, and in other public places, use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, especially if you are going up or down one floor only. Additionally, even if you are not going up or down, use a set of stairs whenever you see one. Go up and down once and if you have time, do it again.

4. Walk around your neighbor or up and down an uphill street.

As mentioned earlier, walking is a popular physical activity. So, whenever you have time, especially during the weekends, go out of your house and walk around the neighborhood. If you want a more difficult activity, look for slopes or an uphill street and walk up and down it. You can do this on weekends, at least two times a week. If you have injuries on your knees or calf, walk slowly and don't push yourself too hard. To make walking more fun, call on some relatives or friends so that you can walk together. You can even form a walking club if you want to!

5. Have fun with your children.

If you have kids at home, encourage them to be physically active, too. Instead of spending all of their time inside the house facing the TV, the computer, or their mobile phones and tablets, go out and play with them. Go to the park and play football or baseball. Fly a kite. If you have a backyard, schedule playtime with your kids every day or every weekend, if they're busy with school on weekdays. This will not only help improve your cardiovascular health but also help your kids develop a more active lifestyle.

6. Get into sports!

You don't have to be sports-minded to get into sports. You don't even have to excel in one to enjoy it. If you really want to be physically active, get into sports. If you played one before, when you were in high school, take up that sport again. If it is your first time to take up a sport, try the simpler ones first like cycling, badminton, and swimming. You don't have to play every day, once or twice a week – or on weekends – will do. Once you get used to it, you won't only be improving your cardiovascular health; you will also learn how to have good clean fun!

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