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60 Second Panic Solution – Anna Gibson’s Anxiety Attack Relief?

Are you someone who suffers from panic attacks? Often, they are triggered by certain things in life that people have created a phobia around – subconsciously. They can be as a result of trauma, a poor or terrifying experience, and ultimately fear. Symptoms can range from mild to more severe and in some cases, can be debilitating.

Symptoms can range from breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, fainting, among other physiological symptoms. Some people believe that panic attacks are simply something you should live with and that they can’t be managed. This is a myth. And, the 60 Second Panic Solution guide was designed to not only debunk this myth but help people manage these panic attacks.

Within this guide, you will learn several ways that you can implement in your life should you be someone who suffers from panic attacks. This guide does not require a prescription from your doctor and in fact you won’t even need to visit your doctor.

More About the 60 Second Panic Solution

As mentioned above, this is a guide that has been proven to help people who suffer from panic attacks that are as a result of anxiety. It helps direct the user to manage their mind and body connection to help reduce the severity of anxiety symptoms and panic attacks over time.

Anna Gibson-Steel, is a respected therapist form Ireland and she worked closely with Dan Alexander to create this guide geared towards people who want their normal life back and help them manage feelings that trigger panic attacks.

Anna explains through her website that if certain conditions, like panic attacks, are left untreated for long periods of time can lead to forms of Alzheimer’s or diseases like Dementia. In a traditional medicine approach, prescriptions are given and people hope for the best – however, prescriptions can be great tools but they are not the answer. They work on a short term or acute basis but will not necessarily cure these panic attacks long-term.

Having said that, the 60 Second Panic Solution offers what is described as a unique technique that has been used for years by traditional Chinese healers, Buddhist monks and Indian yogis. The common trend among those that have been using these techniques is the strong belief and foundation around brain power, index finger and thumb.

Did you know that those three (3) areas help your body turn off what they call lizard brain and help you manage anxiety and panic attacks? Knowing how to access those three (3) parts effectively, is what the 60 Second Panic Solution is about. Lizard Brain, is a term used to define the way your brain tells you things like;

  1. Stop trying
  2. Be careful
  3. Back off
  4. Slow down

Basically, all things negative.

This guide isn’t just to help you manage anxiety and panic attacks it is designed to give you a solution to beat them – and doing so in a short period of time.

The plan described in this guide, is called Thought Patrol. It provides you with step by step resources on how you can use your brain to attain long term, desired results.

Who is the 60 Second Panic Solution For?

Well, if you or someone you know suffer from conditions such as:

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Specific phobias

.. and you are an adult or child – this guide is designed for you. This natural program will help you manage these conditions without the use of any drugs or prescription medications. The idea, is once you learn how to achieve the mind and body connection, you will become less anxious and help you manage the panic attacks far more effectively and result in them occurring less often.

This guide will help you move through life calmer, with more confidence and courage and help those moments outside of your comfort zone become less challenging and allowing you to take life and its challenges head on.

In addition, the 60 Second Panic Solution will help you identify when a panic attack may be brewing. This can help you identify certain triggers and help you manage them before they become a panic attack. This guide will help you find those triggers too – this is the key in the prevention and long-term success of managing these attacks and symptoms.

What is interesting is that most people aren’t even aware of their triggers and the longer it takes to identify them, the harder it can be in discovering what they are. The 60 Second Panic Solution will help find those triggers and the causes of such.

Summary of Benefits of the 60 Second Panic Solution

  • Help you learn how to control your panic attack symptoms
  • Help you predict, thus prevent panic attacks from happening
  • Help you identify triggers and causes of anxiety and panic attacks
  • Help you get back to the life you are meant to live

This guide comes with a 100% money back guarantee and this is deemed possible because of the authors confidence of this program and its overall effectiveness.

How to Receive Your Copy of the 60 Second Panic Solution

When you visit the 60 Second Panic Solution website, you can order this guide for only $47.95 – 20% off the regular price. And, you will also receive VIP bonuses too! Regular updates may occur on the guide, and these will be updated for your information for life!

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