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8fit – Personalized Fitness Workouts & Nutritious Meal Plan?

8fit is an app for Apple that allows consumers to get fit with mobile access to nutritional and exercise regimens with a subscription fee. The program is affordable for most budgets, and is customizable for the user.

What is 8fit?

Getting in shape is not a matter of following programs that were designed for anyone to try. The only way to make real changes in the body is to follow a routine that highlights the needs of the individual, but that attention is normally an expensive service. However, with the use of 8fit, consumers may be able to get the results they want.

8fit provides most of its service through the app, and its main appeal is the ability to customize the routine for the individual user. All the regimens are available with a subscription, but consumers that just want general assistance will not have to pay anything. All the meal plans focus on real foods, rather than diets that overly restrict consumers. The fitness regimens even allow consumers to take the least amount of time possible out of their day to ensure that they will not reach a plateau.

About the Trainers

Right now, there are 7 coaches/trainers available with 8fit. Those trainers are:

  • Amé, who primarily works with aerobic and spinning classes
  • Lisa, who focuses on group exercise and nutrition
  • Tor, who is a weight training specialist
  • Marife, who is certified in CrossFit, Functional Movement Systems, and Yoga
  • Alba, who is one of the founders of the 8fit regimens
  • Jennifer, who is the nutrition expert
  • Alice, who focuses on weight and fat loss

Each one has a different regimen that they offer on the website.

About the Meal and Nutrition Plans

Every one of the nutrition plans is made for that particular consumer. The food that consumers eat will be one of the biggest parts of weight loss in the first place, since it will fuel the muscles and the metabolism. The combined effort of multiple nutritionists has created each plan, focusing on protein, fat, and carbs.

If consumers want to access their particular meal plan, they can choose the “Meals” tab in the app. Consumers can take the time to browse through the meals, and can even send an email to themselves with the shopping list that they need on grocery day.

About the Workouts

As long as the consumer participates in one of the paid programs, they will have access to customized regimens. However, all of them prioritize HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. This type of exercise helps consumers to effectively lose weight. Most of the sessions are between 5 and 15 minutes of commitment, helping to improve the user’s strength and endurance as they lose weight.

The workout plans work at every experience level. However, this regimen also lets the consumer make progress in their endeavors, adjusting as needed. The company recommends that participants workout at least 4 times a week to make complete progress. Make sure to take at least a day of rest weekly.

Setting Up the 8fit App

When consumers decide to sign up for 8fit, they will go through 7 steps to register their account, and prepare for their new regimen. They will be asked:

  • To choose a gender (male or female)
  • To choose their goal – losing inches, improving their health, or building muscle
  • Their age
  • Their height
  • Their weight
  • To estimate their current body fat, based on the closest representative of several pictures
  • To decide what their body fat goal is, based on the same collection of pictures

Once this information is collected, they can either sign up with their email address or their Facebook profile. After choosing the way to sign up, they will tell the company how they heard about 8fit, and they will need to choose which subscription plan they want.

Subscription Pricing for 8fit

There are three different packages available for consumers that want to take part in the 8fit regimen, depending on how much they want to get out of the program. Choose from:

  • $0 per month, for access to basic workouts and training
  • $29.99 per month, for a three-month commitment with customized workouts and a meal plan
  • $59.99 per year, for a year-long commitment with customized workouts and a meal plan

All of the subscriptions are automatically renewed with the credit card on file. However, if the participant needs to delay or cancel this program, they can use the settings on their Apple phone to cancel the app, or they can contact Apple directly.

Contacting the Creators of 8fit

The website offers a brief FAQ section that helps consumers to get more answers as needed. However, if there are other questions that need to be addressed, consumers can send an email to for any clarification.

There is no phone number available to reach out to the customer service team in real time.

8fit Review Summary

8fit is meant for everyone. Most smartphone applications fall significantly short of their mark, but the coaches and nutritionists of 8fit make this purchase worthwhile. With such attention to the goals of the user and their current state, it becomes a little easier to slim down. All that is left for the user to acquire is willpower.

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