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Heart health has to be one of the most used words online. Every day, thousands – maybe even millions – of people try to go online searching for information about heart and cardiac-related issues. It can be for himself or a family member, and even for a friend. This is why we decided to come up with a blog for LKCF.

The LKCF blog/e-magazine is dedicated to heart health. Anyone who wants to find relevant and reliable information about heart and cardiac issues is free to join our online community. You'll get weekly updates, fresh from the grill, as well as additional information through videos, discussions, reviews, and special features (written).

Everyone involved in LKCF knows that you are the lifeline of this blog. As such, we are all dedicated to giving you whatever it is you need. Thus, our team works with groups, individuals, and organizations that are willing to lend a hand to heart and cardiac patients in the safest and surest way possible. From time-to-tome, LKCF will feature events like fundraising activities, heart health awareness, and other similar campaigns that can help inform and educate everyone, while also finding means to reach out to and help those who are in need of assistance (financial or otherwise).

We enjoin you to become a member of the LKCF family, so you will receive news and updates as soon as they are available. Likewise, as members of our online community, you can also join in our activities and events. In addition to this, you'll constantly be in the loop as you will receive regular emails from us.

Here at LKCF, keeping you happy and healthy is our mission.

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