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Aqualyx – Localized Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Gel-Based Solution?

There are areas of the body that it doesn’t seem to matter how much you exercise or change the way you eat that you cannot get rid of fat. There are pockets that find themselves most often in the saddle bags, thighs, stomach, chins and knees that are what can be referred to as stubborn fat.

Aqualyx was developed to help you eliminate that. The process of aqualysis or aquaplasty consists of depositing a solution, like Aqualyx into these localized areas of fat.

Aqualyx Solution

This solution, was formulated by renowned aesthetic surgeon in 2009. The solution, has been modified by creating a slow release sugar-based system that simulates the biological half-life where it is reduces side effects.

The process or treatment of Aqualyx is only available to patients of health practitioners where a precise protocol is followed. When deposited into these localized areas of fat, the Aqualyx works by liquefying the fat cells and destroying them permanently. From there, it releases the lipids that are then eliminated through the body naturally via the lymphatic system.

Some health practitioners choose to use Aqualyx in combination with an ultrasound device to help the dissipation of Aqualyx in the localized fat cells.

How Is The Treatment Performed?

As mentioned above, Aqualyx is only available to patients of medical professionals. This is because, it should only be given or performed by a doctor or surgeon. These doctors (or surgeons) have received the specialized training necessary to use this solution both effectively and safely.

The treatment is usually performed in two (2) treatments for each area that you are treating. Patients have reported back a good tolerance of the treatment overall. After the first two (2) treatments, it will then be repeated between two (2) and eight (8) times. This number will vary based on how many fat tissues there are, and how your body is responding to the treatment. These treatments are spread out and are generally repeated every three (3) to four (4) weeks.

Patients can expect swelling after the treatment and may experience some redness and skin irritation. In addition, there may be some mild tenderness in the area and this will all subside within four (4) to six (6) days.

The Aqualyx solution should not be performed if you are pregnant or nursing. And, is recommended only for persons between the ages of 18 and 60.

Aqualyx Results After Treatment

As early as one (1) treatment, you can begin to see a reduction in fat deposits. Keeping in mind however, that three (3) to eight (8) sessions are required for you to receive optimal results. What determines the speed of the results is the stability of the cell membranes in the body. Patients that are on the younger end of the age requirements will likely take a bit longer to see their results. But again, this can vary from person to person.

This treatment is ideal for those who are looking for a less invasive surgery than liposuction of laser lip treatments. Aqualyx is also ideal for those who only have small amounts of fat to reduce versus larger areas.

What is important to keep in mind is this is not a weight loss surgery – it is only designed to reduce stubborn, localized fat.

Each treatment area carries costs of €395 and €495. This is something you can discuss with the health care provider during your consultation.

More Information For Health Care Practitioners

Since this product can only be administered through a doctor or surgeon, this also means the product is only available to them too. The product when it is delivered, is ready to use. It does not require any manipulation or preparation.

The health care provider can add 0.2 milliliters of Lidocaine (2%0 with the treatment. This can help as a numbing agent before administering the Aqualyx. This solution and treatment, offers very few side effects making it an ideal treatment for those patients who desperately want rid of these stubborn fat pockets.

From a clinical side, there are numerous studies available on the Aqualyx website that you are welcome to read thoroughly should you decide that this is the right treatment for you, or your patients.

In addition, Aqualyx has been featured in several Aesthetics Journals as well as various newspaper articles including the Daily Mail.

Where Is Aqualyx Available

To date, there have been more than 2,000,000 vials sold in over 40 countries!

If you are a health care practitioner or provider and would like more information on how you can offer this treatment and/or solution in your practice please contact Training by email at .

Or, if you are someone who is seeking treatment by Aqualyx, there is a long list of available physicians who are organized by geographical area on the website. You will also have an opportunity to visit their clinic website and discover more information about them overall.

Overall, Aqualyx has developed a long list of positive reviews both from patients the professional world. If those stubborn fat deposits have overstayed their welcome, this may be a wonderful avenue to look into further or arrange your treatment today.

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