Baby Foot – 17 Natural Extract Foot Care Smooths & Exfoliates?

Baby Foot markets their products as innovative and gentle. They say their one-time use foot care products will give you feet as smooth as a baby’s foot.

They use 17 types of extracts in each product, which moisturizes them and wicks away dead skin to leave you with a lasting smooth. Their products are said to remedy dry, cracked, and rough feet.

Three Steps Of Baby Foot

Baby Foot’s products work in just three steps. You’ll apply the product as directed and put on their one-time use booties. Next, you‘ll follow the rinsing instructions. You’ll then wait—up to two weeks—for the dead skin on your feet to fully peel off. In the end, you’ll be left with baby soft feet!

Baby Foot Friction

Baby Foot explains that cracked soles are usually the result of friction from wearing sneakers or a variety of other activities. They also admit that dry skin contributes to rough feet, but their main marketing point is that, since friction causes cracked feet because it kills your skin cells, using a pumice stone will not give you truly satisfying, lasting results. That’s because pumice stones cause even more friction, and tearing away at the dead skin on your feet to remove it is a rough process and can actually make the problem worse over time.

Instead, Baby Foot’s products use natural oils that will soak deep into your feet to help speed up the process of wicking away the dead skin cells and speed the growth of new, soft, healthy cells. This friction-free process may take a bit of time to see results (up to two weeks for some users), but once you find your feet are soft, you will be able to maintain that softness with a regular hydration routine.

How Baby Foot Works

Getting started with Baby Foot is easy. You’ll likely see the dead skin cells start to peel within 3 to 7 days after using the product. To use it, you’ll want to soak your feet thoroughly beforehand. This step is optional, but it will increase how far the gel can penetrate into your feet which will make for a more efficient process.

Next, you’ll want to apply the treatment. They will give you plastic, disposable booties to put on your feet while the treatment sets in. You should then put socks on top of them because heat will enhance the absorption process.

Luckily, there’s no reason to just sit around and let it soak in. You’re free to move once you put on the booties. Later, you’ll take them off and gently rinse your feet.

When you notice the skin cells start to peel, the worst thing Baby Foot says you can do is apply friction and try to “speed up” the process by peeling it off yourself. They say the oils in Baby Foot’s products will start the exfoliation process naturally and you do not want to interfere with this process. When the peeling is over with, you’ll have soft feet as smooth as a baby’s.

Baby Foot Details

Baby Foot specializes in just one product: their Baby Foot 1-hour treatment, but they also offer a moisturizing foot mask that is designed to refresh your feet. It’s optional, but they suggest using it after you do the 1-hour treatment. The 1-hour treatment costs $25, while the foot mask costs $15.

Baby Foot began in 1997, and they have been growing ever since. Their product works, which is the reason why they’ve been in business with just one item for over 20 years now. While they may not be a household name, the products are carried in many stores and also sold directly on their website. Additionally, they have an affiliate program, so don’t be surprised if you see people promoting Baby Foot.

While they don’t have an on-site review system in place, they are active on social media and have plenty of reviews on third-party sites to back up their products. Some reviewers who initially complained they didn’t get the results they were after ended up getting a second free pair from Baby Foot and gave it another shot with better results.

The biggest complaint is that it can truly take up to two weeks for peeling to begin. Baby Foot attributes this to the natural oils that are being used, which depend on the person’s body to naturally begin employing them to help their dry feet. Unlike other products that use chemicals or harsh ingredients to “speed it along,” Baby Foot focuses on using natural ingredients that are healthy and safe—even if they take a bit longer than desired to start getting you results.

As far as maintenance goes, Baby Foot says one treatment and than a hydrating foot mask to keep your feet healthy should be enough, but they also say you can wait one week after the first feeling process is finished and give it a second try if you think that’s necessary.

Baby Foot Conclusion

Baby Foot seems to have a winning product on their hands. While results can take up to two weeks to show, reviewers who were patient enough to wait it out gave it excellent feedback because it really does do what they say it will. If you can set aside an hour of your time to let the treatment fully sink in, you’ll experience the peeling as well and it will reveal truly smooth and soft baby-like feet. Some reviewers suggest a daily soak, but Baby Foot said any additional work after the treatment is optional. They suggest using the hydrating foot mask after you do the treatment and then just waiting it out.

In addition to their product, Baby Foot also makes a limited edition pink box where all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness. This charitable cause has led to a recent increase in exposure thanks to many other companies sharing their efforts.

Overall, Baby Foot is a reliable company and they are all about helping their customers get results. Who knows, if it doesn’t work for you the first time, they might even send you a second kit free!

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