Biocean – Marisyl Hepa Isotonic & Hypertonic Seawater Ocean Minerals?

Individuals can find a supply of trace elements, minerals, and electrolytes without picking from other kinds of foods that are whole. To be able to make certain that the body is working effectively, such nutrients are demanded.

With Biocean, people may experience balanced and restored body temperature and pH levels, improved detoxification and cleansing at a cellular level.

What Is Biocean?

Biocean developed nutritional supplements and liquid drinks that improves the overall well-being of a person. What distinguishes it from other health products is its usage of Pure Marine Plasma from the North Atlantic Ocean seawater.

Having established trademarked knowledge over recent years with its study partners, Biocean Science & Nutrition is the only company able to provide, both in ampoules and at 1L pharmaceutical glass bottles, Pure Marine Plasma , micro-filtered a minimum of 3 times, entirely free from bacteria while preserving an ideal mineral and trace element balance in harmony with the human organism.

Biocean Science & Nutrition is devoted to the GMP certified, pharmaceutical manufacturing of BIOCEAN Pure Marine Plasma.

The History Of Marine Plasma

Marine Plasma’s discovery dates back into the early 1900’s and is associated to Canadian, Biochemist Archibald Macallum’s theoretical and empirical work, and is also linked to René Quinton, a well-known French visionary.

From this work appeared a real body fluid replacement that could verify irreplaceable during episodes and epidemics of malnutrition. Until the 1980’s, Marine Plasma would be featured as a medicine in the Vidal dictionary.

Authentic Marine Plasma from France Was introduced to the USA and Canada by Myriam Biss, Homeopath, founder and owner of Quinton America. Through Myriam Biss, the Biocean Pure Marine Plasma started.

Biocean Background

The foundation of real Marine Plasma in the United States is linked directly to Myriam Biss, Professional Homeopath, President of Quinton America and Advisor for Biocean Science & Nutrition. An immigrant from France, Myriam Biss arrived in Canada more than 40 years ago. She comprehensively used it in Biocean’s own clinic with quite conclusive results.

Ocean Thérapie, the last French laboratory creating authentic Marine Plasma eventually stopped production in 1996, which is roughly, when Myriam Biss made Quinton America. In cooperation with her engineer husband, and following three decades of thorough research, Quinton America commences creation of Pure Marine Plasma to intensified quality standards. Biocean’s Pure Marine Plasma is a combination of the work of therapeutic seawater leaders, clinical expertise, technology, contemporary science and pharmaceutical GMPs.

Biocean History Timeline

  • 1987 – Myriam Biss imported to America the Genuine Quinton Marine Plasma from France. Marine Plasma became the basis of treatments suggested by Myriam Biss for the next 30 years. The results were remarkable. Myriam Biss decided to manufacture Marine Plasma herself to offer an optimum product for her patients. She started the path to developing the best organic Pure Marine Plasma available in the marketplace nowadays.
  • 2000 – Combining her medical experience with her spouse’s technical and scientific understanding, Myriam Biss and Rudolph Biss make Quinton America at 2000. Quinton America’s mission is simple: combine the tradition of ancient therapeutic seawater leaders using contemporary scientific knowledge and pharmaceutical processes to offer the very best in the industry of Marine Therapy. Nowadays, Biocean Pure Marine Plasma remains manufactured in European GMP licensed pharmaceutical centers with seawater from the North Atlantic at France.
  • 2011 – Biocean Science & Nutrition is established in 2011 to better serve the USA and European marketplace with an emphasis put on serving the requirement from the professional market in sourcing a product of the maximum quality. Whether colon hygienists, medical physicians or nurses, the most demanding health professionals enjoy the exceptional quality and extensive testing of Biocean® products in addition to the company’s professionalism and ethical philosophy. Nowadays, Biocean® products can be found worldwide with demand increasing yearly.

What Does Biocean Offer?

Biocean is dedicated to bringing people the very best of the ocean, which is the production of Pure Marine Plasma.

Only by treating and collecting seawater in pristine places, Biocean gives a health product with balanced mineral and trace element while still safe, efficacious and secure.

The company is equipped with a multi decade expertise that makes them the only business to offer both in 1L pharmaceutical glass bottles and in ampoules, Pure Marine Plasma of premium quality. The Biocean products are accessible to health professionals, as well as to the public.

Biocean Science and Nutrition knows that the benefits of food supplements are very dependent upon their quality, efficacy, stability and purity.

The Quality Of Biocean Products

The BIOCEAN modern technology and science, raw material choice and engineering practices make it a therapeutic, pharmaceutical seawater expert.

BIOCEAN, Pure Marine Plasma is absolutely the most improved supplement of its type available on the market today.

  • Totally free from microbes through cold micro-filtration and proprietary purification.
  • Packaged in both 30 ampule boxes and economical 1L bottles with the same purity, quality, stability and efficacy.
  • Made in chemically stable, pharmaceutical glass type 1, extra-long shelf life.
  • Flawless mineral balance, pH and osmolarity
  • Verified for detection of endotoxins and microcystins.

Biocean Products

Biocean Marisyl Hepa

This product enhances one’s liver function, digestive system, and one’s energy and hydration levels. It contains a rich source of natural black radish, milk thistle, burdock, artichoke and electrolyte-rich seawater concentrate.

To make efficient use of the Marisyl Hepa, the company advised people to choose 1 ampule in a glass of water, two times per day with meals. To be able to see and sense a change in the general well-being of one, one must continue it for at most fourteen days.

Biocean Isotonic

Biocean Isotonic is a liquid supplement that can increase one’s metabolism, guarantee optimum hydration, bring the body to digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and develop one’s bone, teeth and muscle well-being. Each bottle of the Isotonic also includes a rich source of marine calcium, magnesium, potassium and naturally, Pure Marine Plasma.

Clients are advised to take 20 to 60ml per day. An individual must maintain the liquid material in the mouth for a moment of one before consuming.

Biocean Hypertonic

What distinguishes the Isotonic is its own salt content. In addition, the Hypertonic is just three times concentrated compared to Isotonic; hence, clients should restrict themselves to 10 to 30ml per day. Its promised benefits are similar to that of the Isotonic.

Cost And Availability

When it comes to the vials and ampules, clients can expect to invest approximately 40.50USD for one month’s worth of distribution. Furthermore, for a single 1L of the Biocean Isotonic or Hypertonic, consumers can expect to invest approximately 81.50USD.

Visiting the can provide more information on prices, availability and promos.

Biocean Summary

In general, Biocean has proven that one’s food consumption is not the only way an individual can achieve other nutrients along with electrolytes. Like many health promoting supplements and goods, the Biocean is engineered to target important functions within the human body, but they’ve claimed to attain it in a quality and effective manner.

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