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Captain Blankenship – Natural Plant Based Body, Face & Hair Care?

Captain Blankenship is a company that is run by women that has no artificial ingredients, and helps to improve the appearance of the body. The treatments embody the company’s mantra – “beauty, wild with nature.”

What Is Captain Blankenship?

Everyone wants to give their body the best remedies to look and feel their best, and every single company claims to have the latest ingredients to do so. However, some of the best companies fill their products with unhealthy toxins that may irritate the complexion in one way or another. The Captain Blankenship line is much different.

Captain Blankenship was inspired by the founder’s childhood experiences in Maine, inspiring her to express the beauty of both oceans and forests. All the treatments are meant to fuel the spirit, as well as the body. With cold-pressed organic oils, seaweed, and other natural ingredients, consumers get the nourishment that the earth intended for humans to have in the first place.

Read on below to learn about some of the treatments made and distributed by women.

Captain Blankenship Products

Sail Away Bug Spray

Available for $20, the bug spray helps to keep away pests like mosquitos, flies, ticks, and more. The treatment includes the use of:

  • Organic lemon eucalyptus essential oil, which is the most natural option with equivalent performance to DEET
  • Organic rose geranium and peppermint essential oil, which is naturally repellent to ticks
  • Organic witch hazel extract, which also is something that insects prefer to stay away from

This treatment also includes some classic essential oils that improve the aroma of the blend, like lemongrass and rosemary. This treatment can be sprayed all over the body for resistance.

Mermaid Detox Face Mask

Available for $30, the Detox Face Mask helps consumers to eliminate the impurities in the complexion that can cause impurities. It is based on the use of organic ingredients, which significantly reduces the risk of irritation. In this treatment, consumers will find:

  • Organic Seaweed
  • Organic Atlantic Bladderwrack
  • Kelp Powder
  • Organic Spirulina
  • Organic Matcha tea
  • French Green Clay
  • Organic Essential Oils

Consumers need to be careful while mixing up the treatment. Use a half-teaspoon of the mask and at least a half-teaspoon of water to create the right texture. Apply it to the skin, leave it for about three to five minutes, and rinse off before it completely dries.

Mermaid Dry Shampoo

Available for $24, the Dry Shampoo is perfect for consumers that want to look like they have clean hair in a pinch when washing hair will not do. The treatment is available in either a two-ounce or four-ounce shaker tube, and contains no talc powder. Instead, this treatment includes:

  • Organic arrowroot powder, to make the hair appear more matte
  • Baking soda without aluminum, to soak up the excess oil
  • Essential oils for a rosy scent

To get the benefits, sprinkle on the roots of the hair and work it through with the hair. This treatment can be applied as many times as necessary.

Meteor Cosmic Freshening Spray

Available for $20, this spray offers a relaxing spray that just creates a more aromatic ambiance for the user. It offers a blend of essential oils that balances earthy, sweet, and forest scents that help the user feel fresh.

Spray as needed.

Contacting The Creators Of Captain Blankenship

The website offers plenty of information about all the different products that consumers can redeem. However, if there are any other questions, consumers can send a message to

Captain Blankenship Summary

Captain Blankenship offers a unique approach to beauty and wellness with the use of organic ingredients and essential oils. The treatments can be used with nearly any complexion, and are priced affordably.

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