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LKCF welcomes everyone who wants to contribute to our community. Whether you want to share information about heart health-related issues, or you want to contribute to our projects, we welcome you with open arms. Below are the guidelines you need to follow if you want to be a part of our community.

Content Contribution

Your contributions are valuable because they will offer a different take on the news and issues we will discuss or feature. They will also encourage readers and guests to share their thoughts and participate in constructive discussions. Here are guidelines to follow if you want to contribute content:

LKCF accepts only originally written content. Every written piece is examined for accuracy, brevity, and grammar quality. Contributions should not have been published anywhere else on or offline.

Only contributions relevant to the advocacy and goal of LKCF will be accepted.

Contributions should not use copyrighted photos. All photos, videos, or similar content shall be properly credited to its owner. Ask permission from the owner first before using any intellectual property.

Include a short description about yourself and your contribution. This will be posted online.

Submit your contributions to

Financial Contributions

If you want to support LKCF's projects and researches, please send your contributions to:
(Bank Details)
(Account Number)
(Contact Information)

You may also coordinate with our online representatives through

Online contributions are also accepted. Please get in touch with any of our representatives to get more information about this. Additionally, both financial and non-cash contributions are accepted.

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