DB Method – Bio-Mechanically Fitness Machine For Tight Glutes?

Considering many people are either unable to do squats or simply do not like doing them, the DB Method is an innovative machine that’s main goal is to aid in toning and lifting the muscles in your glutes. With Kim Kardashian backing this device it has definitely been circulating on social media in the time since it was released. Erika Rayman, the founder of the DB Method is super excited about the positive feedback and has explained why she made the DB Method to begin with. She states that she built the DB Method machine for woman who were frustrated and bored with doing regular exercises without seeing any results. She made it her personal goal to build a machine that would work for her, which in turn, meant building a machine that she could use on her schedules, whenever she wanted, with the results she was craving. She thrived to create a machine that would give woman a tight, lifted, toned butt.

But how is the DB Method supposed to give those results? Is it worth investing in or is it just another machine that celebrities swear by that does not work for your average person?

How Does The DB Method Work In Comparison To Regular Exercise?

The whole purpose of the DB Method is to offer exceptional results to one part of the body, the glutes. With weighing only thirty pounds, the product has a weight limit of 215 pounds. According to the webpage, the DB Method was designed for people over the age of 16 years old and who are not under five feet tall. It is also easy to fold up and store.

While there is no adjustable tension, this design means it is easier to come up if your body applies more resistance. This means that for more skilled users, they can come up slower, therefore working their glutes a lot harder. The positioning of the seat, however, is adjustable to aid in getting the correct form needed for the best results.

Your standard squat can result in an injury if you wind up overextending your knees over your toes, since if you make a wrong move, it can result in a painful injury. The DB Method eliminates that concern by positioning a person perfectly for this modified squat.

But can keeping the correct form really be the key to exceptional results or is this just a marketing technique?

Does The DB Method Honestly Work?

Apparently, the DB Method can help you get the most out of your workout. Apparently, these results can be achieved by using the DB Method for a minimum of ten minutes daily, at least four times a week. While this has been shown through some of the videos you can find on their webpage, the main purpose of the DB Method is to aid in toning your glutes.

Three muscles make up your glutes. The gluteus maximus, the gluteus minimus, and the gluteus medius. The muscle that holds the most responsibility for how your butt looks is the gluteus maximus. This means that you have to work that muscle in order to achieve the look you are looking for. The DB Method claims to work that muscle in particular.

While it is true that no machine works for everyone, based on some research and hearing what others have said, it seems that with the DB Method allowing users to do the modified squat while maintaining the correct form, it is definitely possible that the results you are looking for may be easily achieved.

There is no concrete evidence that doing squats for ten minutes a day can give you a more toned butt, but if you are willing to pair it with other exercises and stay focused on toning your butt, it definitely seems possible that you can achieve your goals while using the DB Method.

How Does The DB Method Compare With Other Home Workout Products?

There are countless workout products that you can easily own at home available today. If you search a bit deeper, however, you will find that there are not any products out there today that are anything like the DB Method, which focuses on the lower body, specifically the glutes. There are also no products currently out there that can aid in giving the correct posture for squatting so that you do not overextend your knees while you do the modified squats.

Another interesting point is that the company that designed the DB Method has patented its design so that no copycats will be able to produce knock offs into the market.

With research, you will find that the most of the machines out there are more well-rounded, offering a total body workout, not just focusing on one particular area. The DB Method is not competing with those products, it is offering a product that can be supplemented for a common exercise, while adding it to your current workout regime.

With promised results, this machine is unique and may be something to consider if you would like to take your workout to a higher level. There are a few things to consider when it comes to your workouts and the results you are hoping to see.

  • Are you interested in a machine that strictly works only one area of your body? Keep in mind that the DB Method focuses on your glutes. If you are looking to get a rounded, toner butt, then the DB Method may be a product that is good for you! If you are looking for a balanced workout, then you should definitely consider a machine that gives you more for your money.
  • Keep your budget in mind. If you are not willing to pay an insane amount for an exercise machine, make sure you look within your price limit.
  • Read the return policy. This is extremely important when you buy online, since if you do not like the machine you chose to purchase, you will be able to return it as long as you made sure to read over the return policy before you purchased it!

So How Much Does The DB Method Cost?

For right now, you can only purchase the DB Method directly from the manufacturer’s webpage. Surprisingly, the DB Method is quite affordable, costing only 189 USD with a 20 USD shipping and handling fee. If you reside in Alaska or Hawaii however, there is a 75 USD fee. A storage strap is included in your purchase so it is secure while it is being shipped.

The DB Method comes with a thirty days return policy, which starts from the day you receive your product. This policy means within thirty days, you can return your DB Method for a full refund, minus the shipping and handling fees.

You will need to contact the customer service department if you wish to return your product.

Is The DB Method A Good Choice For You?

Are you looking to tone your glutes in ways you could not before? Are you looking for a machine that can aid you in maintaining the proper form needed to not only do squats safely, but effectively as well? Are you looking to get a fuller, toned butt? If so, the DB Method may be a good fit for you.

On the flip-side, if you are looking to get a toner body overall, toning and building muscles throughout your body, this machine may not be a good fit. If you are running on a tight budget and are looking to only purchase one machine, there are other options out there that can fit your needs better than the DB Method. That being said, if you want to add the DB Method to other exercises, then this machine may still be beneficial to you.

Overall, with a thirty-day money back guarantee, you really do not have anything to lose by choosing to purchase the DB Method. It may be able to give you results you never imagined possible with traditional exercises in the past.

No matter what you choose, consider your options thoroughly before jumping into anything. There are countless workout machines out there today and results will vary with each and every one of them. No two people are the same and no machine can guarantee that it will work for everyone.

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