eFlow Nutrition Elixir PM – Burn Fat & Improve Sleep Quality?

Today the market has become replete with high quality workout supplements that not only provide a wide array of physical benefits, but can also allow better sleep cycles. When we are well rested, we can go at our workout with much more gusto.

However, the reality is that most pre/post workout mixes come loaded with caffeine and other stimulants that can affect our ability to get good rest. Thus we should aim to by products that are as natural and herbal as possible.

What Is eFlow Nutrition Elixir PM?

Elixir PM has been described by fitness magazines as a ‘R.E.M.+ sleep inducing supplement’ that also has the potential to deliver various fat burning effects. Additionally, studies have shown that Elixir PM also has the potential to improve muscle relaxation and help deliver deep R.E.M. Sleep.

At this point it would also be beneficial to elaborate upon REM. REM or Rapid Eye Movement is a mode of sleep that allows for extremely deep rest. An hours worth of REM can help us wake up refreshed and repaired.In order to achieve this result, Elixir uses a wide variety of compounds including; GABA, 5-HTP, L-DOPA, and Melatonin. All of these aforementioned compounds have been shown to better regulate our body’s internal clock and improve our natural sleep cycles.

Other benefits of the supplement include:

  • Metabolism: by supplying our body with key amino acids, the supplement has the ability to promote our metabolism. For example, L-Carnitine L Tartrate has been shown to activate certain energy centers within our body. This results in the faster metabolization of unwanted lipids.
  • Non Stimulant: this supplement is a non-stimulant fat burner and can thus be used at night. None of the ingredients interfere with our sleep patterns and even have been shown to promote muscle recovery,
  • Antioxidants: these compounds are known to help clear out free radicals from within our epidermis and subcutaneous layers. This results in our skin looking visibly more refreshed and vital. Not only that, even the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is reduced.
  • Low Dosage Required: unlike other pre workouts that require large doses for physical effects to become apparent, only 1-2 scoops of Elixir are more than enough to deliver amazing results within an hour.

eFlow Nutrition Elixir PM Customer Reviews

There have been many positive reviews online in relation to this supplement. Based upon 7 reviews, the average rating stands currently at 5/5. Satisfied customers include Raymond J who says ‘Yes I can sleep. I live in Arizona and sometimes I have a hard time sleeping. I use Elixir PM later on after I lift or done with cardio that day. I could say that I can have a gentle sleep while burning fat. When I wake up I look leaner. Here is the best part, I work nights and coming home 6:30am in the morning is very hard to go to sleep. This stuff helps out a lot, thank you team eFlow for a great product.’ Similarly, Rebecca M says ‘Works like a charm. Best sleep I ever had. Let a friend tried it and he said it was a godsend since he had trouble sleeping. Wake up feeling refreshed’.

eFlow Nutrition Elixir PM Summary

The supplement comes in small black containers which possess 40 servings each. A single unit is priced at $59.98. There are three flavors to choose from, namely: strawberry kiwi, tropical cooler, warrior punch. Payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, Mastercard and Visa. Lastly, upon purchase of supplement bundles and combo’s, users can avail of additional discounts.

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