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Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker Helps You Order Corrective Glasses

Getting proper eye care isn’t easy, even with a quality insurance plan. These days, most people find themselves complaining about affordable, accurate, and effective options that enable them to see more clearly and without any issues. Further, just getting a proper eye test completed can be a hassle and expensive.

Rather than continue subjecting oneself to terrible standards regarding eye care, the alternative solution is to try a new product on the market called EyeQue. This solution is a visual solution that enables users to get accurate, high-quality, and effective eye care on a regular basis and without having to visit an eye care specialist first.

What is EyeQue?

EyeQue is a powerful and effective eye care solution that enables users to self-administer eye care tests whenever they need to. Further, the provide results that make it easier to receive optimal vision support in a convenient and simple manner. Dissimilar to most eye care options on the market, this one is made with patented refraction concepts developed by MIT professionals.

The system connects with smart phone technology so that users can receive and evaluate the information easily and effectively. With this type of solution, users can get the full support that they need.

Developed by a Quality Team

When choosing a product that promises better eye care solutions, it important to opt for one developed by a knowledgeable and professional team. The good news is that EyeQue is one such product. The device and corresponding mobile application was developed by entrepreneurs with years of experience in the eye care field.

This expertise, backgrounds, and ability to create effective solutions that meet user needs are what provide users with results they can count on. Further, the product’s effectiveness is further boosted by the MIT-based technology that has been proven to work and tested extensively.

About the Vision Tracker Device

When choosing a vision tracker system, it is important to consider how it works. This way, users can very that the device is right for them. In this case, the personal vision tracker attaches to one’s iOS or Android. Once attached, the tracker is able to test, track, and correct one’s eyesight. Here are the features of the vision tracker:

The Eyecup

The device starts with the eyecup. The eyecup is a soft and snug part of the device that fits comfortably around the eye. The ability of the cup to eliminate stray light ensures quality results when one performs the test.

Rotational Handle

Next is the rotational handle. This handle twists and rotates so that users can go through the intervals to generate the next test pattern. The ease of use is just one of the many qualities that attracts users to this device.

Base Tube

The base tube is the portion of the device that attaches to the smartphone. The micro-suction tape is comfortable, simple, and does not harm the phone in any manner.

Those who are interested in viewing what the personal vision tracker looks like and where each portion of the above features is located on the device can do so through the brand’s website.

Launching the Application

Once users start the testing process with the device, the application should be launched so that users can start assessing and treating their eye issues. The application, called myEyeQue, is simple to use and has a quality interface that works well and effectively to provide users with the support they are striving for.

Once the eye test is complete, users can view the results on their mobile device. All of the results for every test saves so that users can compare at all times and get the information that they need on how to improve their eye care.

The Benefits of Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker

There are many benefits to be had when one adds EyeQue to their lifestyle. Here are the main advantages of this product so that users know what to expect:

Ordering Corrective Glasses

First, once users get the results of their test and are able to compare them to other outcomes, they can order corrective glasses for their needs. The ordering process is simple, quick, and it ensures that users have all of the qualities that they need to see clearly and without any issues.

All Information Stores to the Cloud

Second, all of the information is stored to the cloud technology so that users can compare their results on a regular basis to see how their vision improves and whether any additional actions need to be taken. The system is one of the most effective solutions for corrective eye care and it is affordable as well.

Test Results Analysis

Third, this device not only provides users with results from tests, but it also analyzes the test results so that users can take the corrective action that they need to enjoy from better eye sight and to fully understand the current state of their eyes.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds EyeQue to their lifestyle. This application is one of the easiest, most affordable, and simplest ones on the market to garner the results that one is looking for when it comes to their eye care.

Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in learning more about EyeQue can do so through the brand’s website. The product is also easy to order and the application takes moments to download so that users can get started right away when it comes to caring for their eyes.

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