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Firstleaf – Personalized Wine Selections Direct From Vineyard?

Firstleaf is a company that creates wine subscription boxes with the preferences of the participating members. Consumers can choose how frequently they receive the shipments, which contain six bottles of wine at a time.

What Is Firstleaf?

A good bottle of wine can go a long way, but consumers that are not already connoisseurs will often find themselves browsing in the liquor aisle with little direction. Since wine is an acquired taste, it is hard to figure out what someone likes without trying it, and that can waste a lot of money. There are so many different types of wine from regions all over the world that the only way to truly learn what someone likes is to take the time to taste them. To save a little money on this mission, consumers may want to consider Firstleaf.

Firstleaf lets consumers make personalized selections to try out at home without leaving their front door. Each wine choice is based off the flavors that consumers say they like, and reviews are encouraged to help the consumer find the wines they will like even more. Plus, by working directly with various wine producers, they reduce the overall expense and offer the bottles for up to 60% off what they would pay with the full retail value.

How Firstleaf Works

The creators behind Firstleaf want to make sure that every consumer is happy with the wine they get, so they go to great lengths to ensure that consumers get the best product possible. They go straight to the source to find excellent wines for consumers, and research the assorted flavors that consumers may want, based on their preferences.

Upon signing up, the company asks consumers question to find out:

  • If the consumer prefers red, white, or a mixture of both types of wine.
  • If they like sparkling wine.
  • If they like rose wine.
  • What regions the consumer prefers to drink from.
  • How many bottles they typically go through in a month

Then, the company shows the new customer a list of the three wines they recommend for the user. On that list, they will learn about the region, accolades, and wine notes that each variety has. Consumers can opt for one of the pre-curated selections as well.

After the user tries the wine recommendations, they will log back into the website to tell the company what they liked about the wines they received, and the team will customize the next shipment they have coming with the types of wine they will enjoy the most.

Before the shipment goes out, consumers will have the chance to swap out any of the six bottles with another one that the company recommends. At this part of the website, they can also adjust the delivery schedule and the frequency that they receive new wine.

Firstleaf Pricing

When consumers get their introductory pack, they will get three wines for $5 each, plus they will be charged the cost of shipping, bringing the total charge to $19.95.

When the membership is upgraded to the regular club shipments, consumers will receive six full bottles in every order, which are matched to their specific taste preferences. These shipments will be $79 plus shipping, and consumers will be able to see what is coming in the shipment to ensure that they like the selection. The participant can opt out or pause their subscription at any time for any reason.

If the user finds that one or more of the bottles they ordered is not what they want to have, they can request a refund from the customer service team to make up for it.

Contacting The Creators Of Firstleaf

Even with the information provided online about the Firstleaf subscription boxes, consumers may have other concerns. They may even need help making alterations online. Though there is no phone number listed online, consumers will be able to send an email to to reach a representative.

Firstleaf Conclusion

Firstleaf is meant for anyone (or any couple) that wants to explore different wine flavors, but without breaking the bank. The wine selection offers exclusive wines at a fraction of what consumers would normally get in the store, but it also provides the names of each one, so participants can still stock up. If you want to try something new, Firstleaf can help.

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