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FRÉ – 3 Step Argania Active Complex For Workout Damaged Skin?

FRÉ is a skincare brand that produces remedies for consumers that want to keep the excessive sweat from their workout from ruining their complexion. There are three different remedies available right now.

What is FRÉ?

The complexion goes through a lot of exposure during the day, whether the issue concerns makeup or just pollution in the environment. However, the skin also is at risk for substances that the body creates itself, like sweat and excessive oiliness. That is why the FRÉ skincare line exists right now.

The FRÉ skincare remedies offer a proprietary blend called Argania Active Complex, which offers both Argan oil and Argan leaf extract. With the proper balance in the complexion, these treatments protect the skin from breakouts and a speedier aging process. Additionally, the skin loses hydration in the process of sweating over time, which needs to be replenished.

Products From FRÉ

Right now, consumers have the options of purchasing products individually, as a complete set, or under a subscription. Learn about each of the options below.

123FRÉ Set

There are three different remedies available within the 123FRÉ Set, which are still available separately for consumers. Those three remedies are:

  1. Protect Me, a two-ounce bottle of moisturizer that is water-resistant
  2. Purify Me, a five-ounce bottle of facial cleanser to restore pH balance
  3. Revive Me, a two-ounce bottle of serum to reduce skin fatigue and make the complexion look younger

The set contains enough of the products to last for three months, and can easily be packed with a gym bag to bring the products for post-workout skincare. The total cost of the set is $115.

Protect Me

Protect Me is the moisturizer of the collection, and it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Even if it gets in the user’s eye, the formulation is balanced in such a way that it will not sting if it is dripped in the eyes. The company calls this remedy an “all-purpose” product, since it helps consumers to hydrate the complexion, while protecting it from irritants. With the use of this moisturizer, consumers will not have to worry about breaking out from perspiration, which other moisturizers do not promise.

Within it, consumers will find:

  • Argania, to protect the user from sun damage
  • Essential fatty acids, to make wrinkles less noticeable
  • Sterols, to support moisture in any climate
  • Squalene, for moisture and vitamin support
  • Vitamins A, B5, and E, to protect the complexion from free radicals in the environment
  • Chamomile, to calm the complexion and reduce redness
  • Melissa, to reduce inflammation
  • Rooibos, to soothe the skin

Consumers only need to massage the cream into the complexion to get the desired effects. The instructions do not include any cleansing beforehand. If purchased alone, the total retail value is $50.

Purify Me

Purify Me helps consumers to wash away all the perspiration and other oils in the complexion after a sweaty workout. The treatment focuses on eliminating the stress from the complexion, while balancing out the skin tone. In Purify Me, the remedy contains:

  • Argania, to protect the user from sun damage
  • Jojoba beads, to exfoliate the skin and eliminate the buildup of dead skin cells
  • Aloe Vera, to eliminate inflammation
  • Shea butter, to smooth skin without blocking the pores with additional oil
  • Hamamelis, to purify the skin and eliminate redness

Wet the skin, and use the cleanser to work a lather onto the complexion. Massage the skin for a minute or so, before washing the complexion with warm water. If purchased individually, the treatment is available for $35.

Revive Me

Revive Me is the third component of the regimen, and it is a concentrated serum. With the use of this serum, consumers have the opportunity to support the nutritional needs of the complexion, while improving the production of collagen. Most consumers use this treatment as a way to erase the damage that aging has caused on their body. Consumers will experience a youthful glow with this remedy.

The key ingredients include:

  • Argania, to protect the user from sun damage
  • Argan stem cells, for deeper nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin
  • Essential fatty acids, to make wrinkles less noticeable
  • Sterols, to support moisture in any climate
  • Squalene, for moisture and vitamins
  • Hydroviton, to strengthen the skin
  • Matrixyl, which reduces wrinkles

Consumers need to wash and dry their complexion before applying the serum. Once applied, allow it to fully dry before putting on any other remedies. When purchased individually, this product is available for $65.

Subscription Option From FRÉ

Even though most of these products seem to be worth the price, most consumers want to keep up a regular routine to make sure that their skin changes properly. If the user wants to embark on a subscription, they can get the Protect Me, Purify Me, and Revive Me for $85 per shipment.

By participating in a subscription, consumers will get the new products shipped out every three months, and the user’s credit card on file will be charged every time a shipment goes out. Consumers can change the schedule at any time, moving the order anywhere through the month as needed.

Contacting the Creators of FRÉ

The website offers an extensive amount of information about the FRÉ skincare remedies, but consumers may need a little guidance to ensure that they keep up the right regimen. To get ahold of FRÉ, consumers will not be able to call directly, but they can send an email to

FRÉ Review Summary

FRÉ takes on a part of the skincare industry that is not really focused on by any other company. The website seems to advertise this product as being a remedy that works for everyone, but it is not clear if consumers should use this remedy consistently each day or only on days that they sweat. However, these are concerns that consumers can bring up to the customer service team as needed.

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