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GAEA – Organic Olive Oils, Vegetables & Other Flavorful Snacks?

Gaea is a brand that develops a variety of different snacks and ingredients to consumers to help extend Greek traditions, while providing consumers with high-class nourishment. Consumers even have an entire selection of snacks to fill their cupboard, feeling the history and tastes of Greece with each bite.

What is GAEA?

Getting a healthy snack during the day is important, but everyone has days when the appetite wants something a little out of the ordinary. There are plenty of companies that offer refined foods. One such brand is Gaea, and they offer an assortment of olives, olive oils, vegetables, and other condiments.

Gaea gets its name from Greek mythology, since Gaea is known as the personification of Earth. She is the primal Greek mother goddess, and Athens is the home of the olive tree. According to the myths, Athena gave the olive tree to the city, which was better than what Poseidon offered, which is why the city honored her with the name. This tree has played a key role in tradition, with olive oil being a major part of healing and curing disease. It is even uses in various rituals. With such a history behind it, the Gaea brand maintains the integrity of the oil and the olives themselves to offer refined treats to consumers.

The olive tree itself also is prominent. Olives have an impressive amount of nutritional value, and is well known for the way it can treat consumers medicinally. Throughout each century of time, historians and philosophers placed importance on the olive. It even has a role in the Orthodox Christian Church. The olive is a symbol of peace, wisdom, prosperity, and even fertility, which is why the Gaea brand is built around it.

Snacks From Gaea

Even though the company’s priority is their olive oils, they actually have many snack options involving olives and other foods. These snacks offer natural nourishment to the user, and come with a variety of different types of olives to enjoy, available as both organic and non-organic. Choose from the:

  • Kalamata Olive Snack Pack
  • Green Olive Snack Pack
  • Carrot Snack, which has no preservatives
  • Pitted Green Olives with chili and black pepper
    • With lemon and oregano
  • Cauliflower Snack
  • Gherkin Snack

Along with these snacks, consumers have a wide variety of condiments, dressings, and even gift baskets. To buy the products from retailers, consumers can check the store locator tool for the place that is closest to them.

Find the nearest location at

Contacting the Creators of GAEA

With plenty of other products, and a rich amount of history, consumers may want to learn more information about the brand. The customer service team provides a phone number, fax number, and email address for consumers to reach out.

  • Phone number: (954) 923-7723
  • Fax number: (954) 923-7732
  • Email address:

GAEA Review Conclusion

Gaea snacks are for anyone that wants something that is rich with history, and prepared with classic Greek tradition. Get a snack pack to eat it on its own, or get a full container to integrate it into other meals.

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