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Kristina Wilds Shepherd’s Code – Simple Fat Burning Program?

Kristina Wilds Shepherd's Code

Of the many weight management goals one can set, it is believed that weight loss can be the most challenging for both men and women. Not only do consumers have to figure out what prevents fat storage and boosts one’s metabolism, one must also figure out what movements work best to trim fat and induce a lean build. Fortunately, it no longer has to be this way as Kristina Wilds’ has figured out a secret that’s been completely omitted for the longest time.

The purpose of this review is to introduce Kristina Wilds’ compilation of ancient works called the Shepherd's Code. The entire program is said to enhance one’s knowledge with respect to what works. The main methods incorporated are believed to enlighten one as they may mimic holy healing effects.

To better understand the basis of Kristina Wilds Shepherd's Code, here is a quick look at it in terms of its purpose, the author, what it entails and price factor.

What is Kristina Wilds Shepherd's Code?

The Shepherd’s Code is a weight loss program that claims to help consumers achieve their respective goals without any strict instructions, excessive training or dieting or compromising favorite foods. Its ultimate purpose is to increase one’s healthy fats consumption, which will not only leave one satisfied with every meal, but it can also activate one’s metabolism. Simply put, it has been designed to fight fat blockers including fat storage and glucose.

Who is the Author of the Shepherd’s Code?

Kristina Wilds is a health researcher, author and is certified in Obesity, Nutrition, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse. With over 20 years of experience, she still continues to positively impact many lives through her works.

According to her finds, Wilds has come to the conclusion that three concerns must be faced in order to prevent prolonging results. First, carbohydrates that fail to convert into energy must be corrected. Second, the excessive carbohydrates that remain unused and eventually turn into glucose must be prevented. This is what causes one’s metabolism to slow down and carbs to eventually store into fat as opposed to converting them into energy. If the two are not considered, then the accumulation of glucose can be so extreme that it can feed into incurable diseases, which may put one’s life at risk.

Another important factor that differentiates the Shepherd's Code from other weight loss programs is its use of Christian Elements. It is believed that Wilds’ incorporated certain qualities in her work that resemble the teachings of the bible. While it is not clear as of yet as in what sense Christianity is incorporated within the Shepherd’s Code, but its end-result is said to induce weight loss in a healthy and effective manner.

What Does Kristina Wilds Shepherd's Code Consist of?

The Shepherd’s Code is said to deliver different mediums of information that might make it easier for one to retrieve. Here is a quick look at what consumers can expect from this respective program:

Fully Immersive Videos

The purpose of the immersive videos is to provide guidance for those who are visual learners. The advantage of the Shepherd’s Code is to prevent one from tedious and countless pages of reading. Furthermore, the use of videos can be far more direct, easy to click to and may direct one towards the right path.


The various meal plans can be easily incorporated into one’s busy schedules. Whether one is looking for a relaxing meal to enjoy with the family or a meal that is convenient and easy to make, the Shepherd’s Code claims to include it all.

Lifetime Support and Updates

As it is clear that starting a weight loss journey can be difficult, Wilds’ has ensured that each and every individual has lifetime support whenever it is needed. Challenges and questions are welcomed at any time of the day. Similarly, one will be updated with new facts, as the Shepherd’s Code has been created to serve as a lifestyle and not simply as a one-size-fits-all program.

In addition to the Shepherd’s Code, 5 bonuses are also offered. The first bonus is called the “What Would Jesus Eat” grocery field guide the claims to lay out what foods to consume, avoid and what are considered toxic. The second called “Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets Manual” will provide consumers with a better insight as to what steps can prevent fat storage on a cellular level.

Next, we have the “Anti-Anxiety & Stress Elimination Guide”, which is believed to induce a sense of positivity in one’s weight loss journey. The fourth bonus is called the “Celebrity Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Secret” and the last one called the “Healthy Brain Manual”, which claims to use selective foods that may enhance one’s cognitive abilities.

What Can be Said About its Affordability?

A program that was once set at approximately $308, today the Shepherd's Code can cost approximately $47. The price is inexpensive given that consumers are also getting five different bonuses that can improve different facets of one’s health. Most importantly, the price reflects convenience as the entire system comes in PDF form, which makes it easy to access on one’s mobile or as desired.

Final Thoughts on Kristina Wilds Shepherd's Code

Overall, the idea behind Kristina Wilds Shepherd's Code is quite unique as it fights fat with fat. In addition, its proclaimed Christian content is definitely a different approach compared to the standard ones that require one to consume bland foods, exercise excessively and even compromise on goods that one desires.

To ensure that consumers are happy with what’s being offered and are not worrying over what might go wrong, Kristina Wilds’ has provided such useful information with a 60 days money back guarantee. The time frame is set in such a way to ensure that consumers can fully experience the potential healthy fats has in stimulating results.

While it is true that every person’s body is different, 60 days is an appropriate time line in which a difference can be expected. Lastly, the prices are fairly reduced, especially considering the work and research supports it.

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