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Krynica Vitamin – Healthy Alcoholic, Isotonic & Energy Drinks?

Krynica Vitamin is a company that helps consumers to get hydration with one of the many kinds of drinks that other companies create. Consumers can get healthy and hydrating soft drinks, energy drinks, or just water.

What Is Krynica Vitamin?

Maintaining hydration is the most important way to take care of the body, since water makes up over 70% of it. Most consumers do not get enough to drink each day, since they would rather replace water with soft drinks, energy drinks, and other beverages that make the body actually dehydrate itself. That is what the whole industry is based on. With Krynica Vitamin drinks, that typical reaction changes.

Krynica Vitamin comes from Poland, and they produce a range of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and low-alcoholic drinks, depending on the user’s preference. The brand actually works with another of other commercial brands. Right now, they are still working to expand their market to reach the Eastern hemisphere. The reason that they have been so successful is because they do their research on the current market trends, while inspecting every single drink in their laboratory.

To find out more about the variety provided, read on below.

Products From Krynica Vitamin

Krynica Vitamin exclusively produces drinks for consumers to gain better hydration and vitamins in their routine. All of these drinks can be consumed in place of regular water with the same hydration results. However, the infusions of flavor and vitamins take it to an entirely new level.

Here are the different types of drinks that consumers can include in their routine.

Energy Drinks

There are three different types of energy drinks offers by Krynica Vitamin – basic energy drinks, energy drinks with juice, and natural energy drinks.

The basic energy drinks help consumers that plan to participate in a short and brisk physical activity, or those who need to maintain a certain amount of focus for a limited time. Rather than just including sugar and caffeine, the basic drinks also provide whey protein for sustainable support.

The energy drinks with juice offer multiple flavors to consumers. This is probably the product that trendy teenagers and young adults enjoy.

The natural energy drinks have no preservatives, unlike the other options available. While these remedies contain caffeine, they also use guarana, ginger, ginseng, and natural extracts.

Isotonic and Functional Drinks

This section includes vitamin cocktails, functional waters, hypotonic drinks, and isotonic drinks to satisfy a different level of thirst.

The vitamin cocktails have the same nutrition as a multivitamin, but within a deliciously flavored drink. With these drinks, consumers improve their concentration, while supporting the mineral and vitamin needs.

The functional drinks have various fruit flavors that feature B-vitamins and l-carotene. It also offers a little caffeine to remain hydrated.

Hypotonic drinks have less sugar and mineral content, which means that consumers can get their hydration much faster than with an isotonic drink. It also helps the user relieve their thirst faster.

Isotonic drinks give consumers the support they need for electrolytes and hydration in their muscles. This drink contains sodium to help with cramping.

Alcoholic Drinks

The alcoholic drinks include alcopops, ciders, and wines.

Alcopops feature a variety of assorted flavors, while still hydrating the user. Most of them use pure alcohol, whiskey, or gin. The ciders come from fermented apple juice, and have very little alcohol inside. It is a little tart, but many people prefer it during the wintertime. The wines vary, based on the climate and the grape harvest.

Malt Drinks

The malt drinks come from malted barley, which is what is typically used during the preparation process with beer. Malt drinks involve no fermentation, and there is no need to filter any alcohol out of them. Since there is no alcohol, this product can be consumed by anyone of any age.

Soft Drinks

The soft drinks are much different when the Krynica Vitamin brand. While most soft drink dehydrate consumers, these remedies actually help them to replenish hydration. The cola-style drinks offer caffeine to promote energy, while the Fanta-style and lemon-flavored drinks provide nourishment for consumers with greater thirst.


There are only two types of juices from the Krynica Vitamin brand – natural juices and juices with pulp.

The natural juices offer a helpful source of vitamins and nutrients that support the daily needs of the consumer. All of these drinks are pasteurized, so there are no preservatives included for freshness. The only difference between these juices and the others is the presence of pulp.

Contacting The Creators Of Krynica Vitamin

Even with the information available online, consumers may still want to learn more information about the brand. The customer service team is available via phone call or email.

  • Phone number: +48 22 743 83 90
  • Email address: or

Krynica Vitamin Review Conclusion

Krynica Vitamin has been around for a while, but they are still working to make their products more mainstream. Consumers will need to go to one of the clients listed at to purchase the beverages for themselves. However, if a brand wants to add the beverages to their location, they can look at the available materials for clients on the website directly.

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