Lady Prelox – Clinically-Tested Plant-Based Libido Enhancement?

Lady Prelox is a supplement that helps men to improve their sex drive after they reach menopause. The treatment is easy to find in any country, and it helps women to eliminate that toxins in their body that consistently hold them back.

What Is Lady Prelox?

Menopause is a major transition for many women, because it is the end of their fertile years. While they may say goodbye to their monthly menstruation, one of the downside is the fact that their hormones go haywire. This can lead to complications in their sex drive as they try to feel as aroused as before. However, with the use of Lady Prelox, it is much easier to reach that point.

Lady Prelox helps consumers to get the right nutrients and balance with their libido, using a proprietary blend that supports the hormones that women need to get their sex drive going. This formula increases pleasure, though consumers will also feel less of the impact from menopause in other parts of their body.

How Lady Prelox Works

The reason that Lady Prelox is effective is because there are multiple plant-based ingredients that help to increase the impact of the libido. Some of those ingredients include:

  • Pycnogenol®, which helps to relieve the toxins in the body that can block the user’s sex drive
  • Rosvita®, to support the user’s need to eliminate toxins and increase vitamin C

Other ingredients are not presently listed on the website, but consumers should be listed with the package.

Using Lady Prelox

The only way to get the desired results from the Lady Prelox treatment is to take two of the capsules a day. It will be easier for the body to accept the nutrients if the treatment is taken with a meal, so that it is digested with other substances.

As consumers start to use the treatment, they may start to see the results they want after about a month of use. However, consumers are more likely to see the full effect after about 8 weeks instead.

Where To Buy Lady Prelox

The place that consumers can make their purchase of Lady Prelox will entirely depend on their location. Each part of the world will shop a different source, which can be found at

Typically, the price of the supplement is about $29.95, though the exact amount will depend on the third-party retailer.

Contacting The Creators Of Lady Prelox

Even though the website has a lot of information about the way that Lady Prelox benefits consumers, there may be other questions that should be addressed. There is no phone number right now, but consumers can send their questions to

Lady Prelox Conclusion

Lady Prelox is meant for any woman that is going through menopause, but does not want to lose their drive to connect intimately with their partner. The remedy should be used consistently to get results, and is not a medication to instantly make a woman aroused.

If you want to keep up your libido through this major life change, Lady Prelox is an excellent first step.

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