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LaFolie – Effective Natural Hair Growth Serum Treatment?


LaFolie is a topical hair serum that promotes a healthier scalp for women to stop losing hair, and to create thicker hair. The treatment comes with a trial, which may help consumers to decide if the remedy works for their needs.

What is LaFolie?

Alopecia, or hair loss, impacts over 50% of men, but less than a quarter of all women have to deal with this issue, which makes it even more embarrassing when it happens. Most women pride themselves in the quality of their hair, because it is the only part of the body that is consistent with its quality and versatility. When hair loss happens, the options for women are slim, but LaFolie aims to change that perspective.

La Folie hair serum focuses on the thickness and the strength of the hair to improve the overall appearance. This treatment does not go into many details about the composition of the formula, but the advertisement claims that it uses the only ingredient that the FDA has approved for this type of remedy. When consumers use the formula, they can expect:

  • Greater fullness and volume
  • More strength in each strand
  • Increased luminosity
  • Regrowth

Consumers that decide to use this regimen will need to pay careful attention to the directions included, because they will not be able to get a preview online. It is unknown if this treatment is meant for daily use, or whether the user should apply it during or after a shower. Consumers have a lot of questions left while going through the advertisement, which may deter potential buyers.


Consumers will be able to see how well La Folie works for their hair growth by taking part in a trial offer first. The trial requires that the user pays the shipping fee at the time of the order, but they will not have to cover the full retail value until after 14 days of use.

The most important part of the regimen is repeated use, so participants will be automatically enrolled into a monthly shipment. The user’s card will be charged for the retail cost every month.

Contacting the Creators of LaFolie

Since this treatment deals with such a major part of the appearance, some consumers are more comfortable learning a bit more information first. The customer service team is available by phone or email.

  • Phone number: 877-245-6172
  • Email address:

LaFolie Review Summary

LaFolie is helpful to consumers that have some hair loss and want to revive the appearance of their hair. There is nothing online to show any kind of proof of its effects, apart from the reviews offered by customers. While topical treatments may not be a permanent solution, the use of this type of remedy is an easy way to see fast results. Consumers should continue to use the formula for as long as they want the LaFolie benefits.

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