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Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee – Cannabis Infused Craft Beverage?

Need an extra kick to start the day? Tired of experiencing fluctuating moods? Two factors that are believed to leave consumers satisfied of their day are increased energy levels and a positive mood. The two combined can ensure that one does his or her required task while doing so in a happy and positive mood. To ensure consumers start their day off on the right foot, Magic Number has come up with a cold-brewed coffee infused with THC.

Every sip of the Cold-Brewed Coffee is said to eliminate anxiousness and the nerves, while ensuring that consumers have a sustainable source of energy. According to Magic Number, the pairing of coffee and cannabis is as pleasant as that of bacon and eggs. To better understand why this is so, the following review will analyze the Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee with respect to its purpose, key ingredients, and suggested uses.

What is the Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee?

As the name hints out, the Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee specializes in delivering consumers with an apt source of cold-brewed coffee. What makes them unique is their infusion of THC in every drink. While consumers might fear of the mind-altering effects associated with THC, one can choose a lower content, as varying levels are offered.

Key Ingredients Used in Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee

The two key ingredients that make up the Magic Number’s Cold-Brewed Coffee are coffee and cannabis. The cold-brewed coffee is said to be steeped in a blend of sativa and indica cannabis oil. The caffeine component of this drink may come from Guatemala and is believed to replicate a smokey and spicy flavor with a touch of chocolate. For sweetness, pure cane sugar has been included as opposed to additives.

How Can Consumers Benefit From Drinking Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee?

In order to experience a sense of relaxation, consumers are advised to wait approximately 90 minutes, as its effects are said to kick in gradually. Currently, the Magic Number’s Cold-Brewed Coffee comes in three different THC levels ranging from 3, 10 and 25mg.

Ideally, consumers are suggested to start with 3mg, as it does as little as inducing relaxation in the body. Anyone choosing 10 or 25 mg, should consume it alongside a meal, as one may experience a sense of extraterrestrial, jitteriness and a stomach ache. Lastly, it is important to take time to drink the cold-brewed coffee, as consumers need to assess for tolerance every step of the way.

Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee Review Summary

Overall, it appears that the Magic Number Cold Brewed Coffee can awaken one in a tasteful manner while ensuring that he or she feels well rested and is at ease. It may be favorable by those who have been introduced to the ingestion of cannabis. Because it contains a rich source of sugar, those who are not accustom to it should consider incorporating something that can reduce the sugar content.

Most importantly, chugging is least recommended, as taking it slow will allow one to fully experience the effects of THC. For more information, check out:

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