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Mevics – Wearable Posture Device Helps Straight Back Alignment?

What Is Mevics?

Mevics is a small, wearable device that you use to help monitor your health throughout the day. It also helps you monitor things like posture and daily activities.

One of the aspects the Mevics can help with is if you have a tendency to lean forward to much. The device will help you correct your posture. It’s also on a kickstarter campaign right now and is said to be one to keep an eye on.

Although, the founder of the campaign has stopped taking pledges. This could be due to a major business deal of some sort.

How Does Mevics Work?

The device is an innovative fitness tracker that has two parts. First the fitness tracker is very discreet. It has a minimalistic appearance and design and has two color options.

The goal for Mevics is to show how easy it really is to live a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. You simply wear the device to find out exactly what you’re doing to stay in shape on a daily basis. It also helps with correct posture and breathing.

The device helps you do things like staying active, it sends the notifications to your smart phone that will help remind you that it’s time to take a break or stay more active.

The problem is, people are becoming more sedentary at work. They spend ten to fifteen hours at work, school and home sitting. The average American watches hours of Television every day. It’s a modern rhythm of life for this to happen. People simply are forgetting to stay active and do simple things even like just walking.

Another staggering statistic according to the creators of Mevic is that more than 80% of all people suffer from spinal problems. When it comes to children, the ages between 8-17 are the most important when it comes to learning correct posture.

They created Mevics because in their experience, they understand the importance of having a well-postured spine. Mevics is designed to be small and barely noticeable, but will help you monitor your health throughout the day. It’s said to be great for all aspects of your life. It will help you in the office, when you’re participating in sports and is designed to be ideal for your children.

For people in the office, it’s imperative that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. And staying fit is easy even if you have an office job. Mevics will help you stay focused on having a correct spinal alignment and posture while also improving your breathing. It’s important because our health is directly related to our spine.

For athletes or people in sports, Mevics will help monitor your daily movements, breathing and activity. It will show you things like how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve walked and the amount of calories you’ve burned during the day. It’s designed to help you keep your health first so you can know your exact activities throughout the day.

Another great aspect of Mevics is it takes care of your child’s posture. It helps kids stay healthy and active throughout the years where it matters most. The gadget helps to give children the right posture while standing or sitting. And it also helps by preventing the curvature of the spine.

Mevics will help you by stopping you from slouching while sitting at a desk or immersed in other types of desk work. It gives you a constant reminder of your activities.

Tracking activity, the device collects data and uses it to communicate with the application. You’ll be provided with all the information on the number of steps, meters and calories spent. It works by using simple numbers and graphs.

Mevics also analyzes the statistics of your activities and sends you notifications so you can remember to stay more active throughout the day. It also reminds you to perform your sport or workout in case you forget.

It works with an advanced smart phone app that will help keep you reminded in the morning. And it will notify you if the device needs to be charged. Also, if you sit too long, the app will remind you. There are simple smart phone notifications that will prompt you to do activities.

Whether you need to go for a long walk, or perform another activity, Mevics will remind you. And at the end of the day, it will remind you when to get to sleep as well.

The Bottom Line On Mevics

The device in conjunction with the app will help you stay active and remind you when it’s time to perform your daily activity. It will also help you sit correctly so you always have a good posture. Mevics is one of the newest projects on Kickstarter.

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