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MojiHeat Roller 4″ Massage Ball Bundle – Targeted Muscle Relief?

MojiHeat Roller 4" Massage Ball Bundle

A large part of the population suffers from soreness and/or tightness in their larger muscle groups; back, neck, hamstring, hips, etc. And, what is unfortunate about that is these are areas that are easier to manage and treat than others. In fact, with the MojiHeat Roller and Massage Ball combination – you can perform self-massage like never before.

The Highlights of the MojiHeat Roller 4″ Massage Ball Bundle

One of the best features of the MojiHeat Roller 4″ Massage Ball Bundle is the targeted relief. It is perfect for applying deep tissue relief for the larger muscle groups as mentioned above. Because of the dual therapy concept, it combines both the heating effects with the muscle relaxing benefits. This should provide a greater range of motion and above all else, pain relief.

Lets’ talk about the outside of these products. Both, are cushioned on the outside and are patents pending. The roller which is in two (2) pieces, and the microwaveable massage ball – which is four (4) inches, features a cushioned outside which provides both comfort and durability.

Both of these products, the MojiHeat Roller and MojiHeat Massage Ball are made proudly in the United States and come with a one (1) year warranty.

Combining Heat and Massage

Through the massage process using the MojiHeat Roller, you can stretch and elongate the muscles where when the heat is applied, it will ease the muscle tightness, soreness and pain. Both of these products by MojiHeat, are made of a convenient design that are both compact to also provide relief on the go – and, they are microwaveable.

Combining these two products together, are like salt and pepper – they just make sense alongside each other. The MojiHeat roller provides heat for a long-lasting period and although great on its own combined with the Massage Ball the two are ideal for pain relief.

Think of the last time you complained of a sore neck or sore back – people probably responded by saying apply heat or, get a massage. Now, with this combination you can do both and do so, on your own. This is not only cost effective but convenient.

How to Order the MojiHeat Roller 4″ Massage Ball Bundle

The MojiHeat Roller 4″ Massage Ball Bundle can be ordered online at Amazon for only $88.00. This is a huge savings when you purchase this combination together instead of separately.

Bottom line, you deserve to live out of pain and steps in doing so are right here!

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