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Muscle SS Boost – Natural Endurance, Energy & Recovery Booster?

Muscle SS Boost

Muscle SS Boost is a supplement that helps consumers with the recovery process after a rigorous workout, preventing rigidity and cramping. The treatment is available through a trial offer.

What is Muscle SS Boost?

Everyone with a fitness regimen understands the importance of balanced nutrition. The vitamins and minerals that consumers include in their diet will help them support the health of their muscles, rather than just focusing on bulk. However, it takes the right remedy to supplement vitamins that the regular diet falls short of. That is what Muscle SS Boost helps with.

There are not a lot of benefits listed on the website, but there are two major reasons that the creator wants consumers to take the treatments:

  • To reduce, and potentially eliminate muscle and mental fatigue after a workout
  • To improve athletic stamina

Read on below to see what makes these effects possible.

How It Helps

Unlike other muscle-boosting supplements, consumers will not find an extensive list of herbal remedies in the Muscle SS Boost formula. Instead, there are just three ingredients that help to balance the body, which are:

  • Vitamin B6, which is necessary for supporting the metabolism and the distribution of nutrients
  • Magnesium, to improve energy levels
  • Zinc, to balance the appetite

Consumers will need to consume a diet that has enough protein to compensate for what the body uses through their exercise plan, because this supplement contains none.

Using Muscle SS Boost

Consumers will need to take two capsules a day to make a difference. However, consumers will need to look to the included instructions for further details, because the website does not delve into the intended schedule.

Since all the nutrients included are vitamins that the user needs anyway, it should not interfere with any medications that the user presently takes.

Pricing For Muscle SS Boost

Consumers will not be able to buy this product without taking part in the trial first, which is only for participants over age 18. When the user first places the order, they will be charged $4.95 shipping, but nothing else. After 14 days of use, consumers will be billed for the full purchase price, which is $97.99.

Then, consumers will continue to get the treatment in monthly shipments until the user calls the company to cancel.

Contacting the Creators of Muscle SS Boost

Since the website lacks substantial information about the Muscle SS Boost remedy, consumers are likely to have a lot of questions. The customer service team offers a phone number and email address to reach them during business hours.

  • Phone number: 855-486-6039
  • Email address:


Muscle SS Boost is meant for consumers that want to workout without depleting the essential nutrients in their body. The treatment stimulates the energy levels and the metabolism, but it is not exactly meant for weight loss. Instead, it just fills in the gaps of what the body requires after a workout.

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