Oxford BioLabs TRX2 – Naturally Based Hair Regrowth System?

Oxford Biolabs is focused on providing consumers with reliable information and scientific evidence. The team at Oxford Biolabs is lead by Dr. Thomas Whitfield who was formerly part of the University of Oxford. With his guidance, the team strives to reach innovative solutions to prevent unwanted symptoms of aging like hair loss and graying.

Oxford BioLabs TRX2 Background

Oxford Biolabs is led by Dr. Thomas Whitfield. As a nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company, they develop a wide range of natural products that are meant to reduce the effects of pre-mature aging, including graying and hair loss, along with reducing the appearance of skin aging. The team at Oxford Biolabs is made up of scientists who previously were part of the University of Oxford. Their goal is to find innovative solutions that are backed by real scientific evidence.

They use a customer-focused approach to provide alternative ingredients and therapies that are based on naturally-derived solutions. They state they are innovative and are better than their competitors who limit themselves to solutions based on drugs, which Oxford Biolabs mentions often lead to bad side effects and rarely solve the actual issue.

Oxford Biolabs is supported by multiple grants. In 2009, they received a NCEE grant, and later received a grant from Nesta to continue their work.

Oxford BioLabs Products

Their current products include their recipe to maintain normal, healthy hair. TRX2 is marketed on one page as a foam lotion that is applied directly to the hair, but it’s actually a supplement you take internally. It prevents hair loss and hair thinning.

Additionally, they have a solution for people suffering from graying hair. Their Melaniq product uses research from around the world to help men and women who are suffering from premature hair graying. It encourages the growth of natural and healthy hair. It’s produced in Germany and is driven by an “in-depth understanding” of hair science and why hair grays.

These are the only two products they currently have launched, however, they are adding to their research database regularly and they are working to add other products that will help people who are facing premature aging.

Oxford BioLabs Testimonials

Oxford Biolabs is considered a reliable source for natural products that will help fight graying, hair thinning, and hair loss. Most of their users appear to be from the United Kingdom based on the testimonials they share on their website. In addition to video testimonials, they also feature a written testimonial section for their Melaniq product that currently includes four written reviews, each four stars and all left between April and August 2017.

The testimonials section for their TRX2 product has 23 reviews, also with mostly 4-star reviews. Some read short, simply stating the product stopped their hair loss while others are a bit longer. One reviewer stated they read about Oxford Biolabs’ products in an in-flight magazine and they have since experienced “heavier” feeling hair.

Purchasing TRX2

If you’re interested in purchasing a product from Oxford Biolabs, you’ll get to see a long sales page of statistics before getting to see the price. For instance, if you click on TRX2 because you’re interested in purchasing, you’ll be met with an informative page that tells you 87% of users experienced improvement in texture and thickness. About 15% received results in the first 3 months while 49% experienced results in the first 18 months.

This shows that TRX2 is going to be a long-term use product if you intend to see and maintain results. It is not tested on animals and is sold in more than 100 countries. Oxford Biolabs claims it is gluten free with no preservatives and no major side effects. If you want to purchase, you can buy a three-month supply (three bottles) for $173.94. They provide free shipping in Europe and the United States.

Their other product, Melaniq, is sold for $150.74 for a three-month supply. If you want to purchase just one bottle of either product, TRX2 will cost $69.54 while Melaniq will cost $59.10.

Shopping Experience

The shopping experience at Oxford Biolabs flows smoothly. If you have any issues with a product, you can locate their Contact Us link rather easily in the footer of their website. It will take you to a page that shows international contact information, giving you different addresses and phone numbers depending on whether you’re located in the UK, Germany, the US, or Ukraine.

They also supply an online contact form for you to reach out to them directly, and live chat is occasionally online for you to talk to someone. Additionally, they do have active social media channels on which they regularly post hair care tips and marketing posts.

Oxford BioLabs TRX2 Conclusion

Oxford Biolabs has only two products, but the things those products promise to do are quite surprising. Even more surprising, it appears that Oxford Biolabs has actually produced natural products that work according to testimonials. While you should expect to give the products 1-3 months before you begin seeing results, on-going use will be required anyway. Within 18 months of daily use, about 50% of people reported positive results with hair thinning, hair loss, and hair graying through the use of Oxford Biolabs’ products.

If you’re suffering from any of the above, it’s definitely worth giving Oxford Biolabs a go since their products are natural and do not have any side effects or interferences. If you give it a shot, you’d be best off committing to their 3-month supply, however, since you’ll have to commit long-term anyway.

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