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Phivida – Vida+ Hemp Oil Infused Drinks & Drops For Health?

Health and wellness is an industry that is highly praised. Consumers are more and more eager of finding ways to attain a healthier lifestyle that will only increase their wellbeing, emotion and physical health and eventually how one perceives things. Simply put, it is the coming together of the mind, body and soul that reflects one’s health. Of the several competitors within this respective industry, Phivida deserves some spotlight.

Phivida specializes in delivering high quality CBD infused functional foods, beverages and supplements of different mediums. Their ultimate goal is to paint a clearer picture of the potential CBD derived from hemp has on one’s health. The purpose of this review is to introduce Phivida’s line of hemp extracts to consumers. While their vitamin juices, iced teas and vitamin shots are commonly used as an addition to one’s health, focusing on hemp extracts will allow one to not only understand its potential, but to also disregard the contradictions that exist.

 What Are Phivida’s Hemp Extracts?

Phivida’s Hemp Extracts are dietary supplements that are offered in serum form. Hemp is a type of plant known for its high quality and quantity of phytonutrients. It is considered valuable because of its naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) content. Many of the existing contradictions stem from the fact that hemp and marijuana share the common plant. This leads one to wonder whether or not hemp creates psychoactive effects like that of marijuana.

Luckily, many studies have been able to distinguish the two. Mainly, statements of hemp not being psychoactive have been proven, as it does not contain THC, which is responsible for mind-altering effects. Because many consumers were not able to distinguish the difference, ongoing debates have left many questioning the value of CBD. Fortunately, Phivida realizes the potential and hence released a line of hemp extracts. Let’s take a closer look at the different types offered.

 What Types Of Hemp Oil Infused Drinks & Drops Does Phivida Currently Offer?

Currently, Phivida carries three different strengths of Hemp Extracts, which are the Vida+ Reg 650mg, Vida+ Max 1300mg and Vida+ Pro 2650mg. All three types, consisting of 30 ml each, are believed to be made from hemp oil extracts that have been naturally processed using carbon dioxide supercritical traction. To ensure that the quality is not of concern, Phivida has also tested the standards of the bottles, as they believe that fluctuations in quality may arise due to UV light exposure.

What makes Phivida unique is not only their focus on quality, but also on bioavailability. Their use of the nano encapsulation technology helps to convert lip based CBD into water soluble delivery format. Simply put, it allows the body to readily and immediately absorb the nutrients within for maximum output.

 How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In Phivida’s Hemp Extracts?

On average, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $89.99 and $279.99. The prices vary depending on the concentration of CBD present within an entire bottle. While the prices may appear to be significantly high, consumers must note that Phivida is one of the rarest CBD providers, who has included a minimum of 650 and a maximum of 2650mg of CBD within a bottle. This is high, as many existing hemp extract oils come in lower quantities and concentrations for higher prices.

Phivida Final Thoughts

Overall, Phivida appears to be a valuable investment to one’s health. While the prices may not reflect that so much, the properties of hemp derived CBD does. Not only does CBD have anti-inflammatory properties, it also contains antipsychotic agents, antiemetic, and anxiolytic to name the least. This means that consumers can potentially use it to ease injuries, wounds, nausea, epilepsy and mental health concerns.

With the varying strengths of CBD, consumers can assess what works best for them, as there really is no specific dose to follow. Ideally, one should start at smaller quantities to see whether or not more is needed. For more information, check out:

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