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Primeval Labs EAA Sleep – Essential Amino Acids For Recovery?

Primeval Labs is no stranger to the world of supplements. Specifically, ones of quality that hundreds of fitness professionals have come to rely on. This new product set to launch December 2017 is no different. It focuses on the importance of muscle recovery and allows you to do so, while you sleep.

The idea, is that it will give you effective relaxation abilities and sleep that will help you sleep soundly and allow your body the necessary rest It requires to recover quickly. In addition to its sleep aid components, this supplement is also loaded with essential amino acids that will also work to support muscle and tissue repair while you sleep.

Key Ingredients in Primeval Labs EAA Sleep

This supplement contains a variety of ingredients ranging from magnesium, sodium and potassium to the range of amino acids both branch chain and essential. Along with these more familiar additions to the ingredient line up – are the ones specific to sleep aid properties.


This ingredient is defined as the primary downer neurotransmitter. It is known for helping to stimulate dreams, REM sleep and linked to waking up rested. Although GABA is not able to cross the blood brain barrier it is able to enhance sleep through decreasing beta waves to the brain. GABA is known for being a natural relaxant and consumers of it describe that effects are found usually within one hour of consumption.


This is an amino acid that is commonly found in tea leaves, this, promoting relaxation and sleep isn’t uncommon. It should help you feel relaxed and calm and the dose found in Primeval Labs EAA Sleep, is more than enough to help you relax and relieve feelings of stress and/or anxiety that can get in the way of restful sleep.


This ingredient is known as being a precursor to serotonin. It has a history of aiding in euphoria and helps convert essential amino acids to serotonin. Although it has the euphoric mentioned effects it is a common ingredient in sleep aids and is a great addition to this powerful line up.


This addition is no stranger to the world of sleep. This is a hormone that the body already produces, which helps regulate your sleep and its patterns. However, there are times we need a little top up to help improve sleep quality and result in when you wake, you feel rested.

How to Order Primeval Labs EAA Sleep

Because this product by Primeval Labs EAA Sleep, has not launched to the public yet, the price is not available. However, scheduled to be available shortly so be sure to check the website for when you can order your container of thirty (30) to help your sleep and recovery.

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