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Professional Supplement Center was established in 2002 and has since grown to employ over 50 people at an 11,000-sqaure foot warehouse. They specialize in fast and free shipping and fresh products. They opened their first retail shop in 2012 in Florida, and they are still open at that location today. They are a family-oriented and family-owned company started by Sheri Davis and Debbie Truitt. They pride themselves on having an excellent customer service team that can be reached over the phone. Their nurse, Jacquie, is even available by their phone number for in-depth health questions. They are all about customer satisfaction and helping people find what they need fast.

Additionally, they have a technical team ready to assist with any website issues that are encountered. Their shipping department is also around, and with their help, about 99.99% of orders are shipped out without error. They do admit mistakes happen sometimes, and they will quickly remedy any problems. If a product is not in stock, it should arrive typically within 1-2 business days to their warehouse where they can ship it out again. They will notify you by email or phone if they find an item will not ship out within 3 business days. If products are in stock and you place your order before 2PM Eastern Time, your order will leave the warehouse that same business day. They strive to make the shipping and ordering process as simple as possible.

They do offer a testimonials section along with a Newswire archive, health notes, and a section on Men’s Health and one on Women’s Health. Their virtual library is filled with posts on a variety of topics, from homeopathic remedies to diet and fitness. They do ship internationally and even offer auto-refill services. They have special accommodations for heat sensitive products and, if you fill out a product request form, they say they can source a high-quality supplement of your choosing. They give a fax order form for those who cannot or do not want to place an order using the website, and you could also call them up and order over the phone if you prefer.

Their return policy is strict, allowing only the return of unopened, new condition products. They do not allow food, special orders, or heat sensitive items to be returned. Unopened returns can be made up to 60 days after receipt and a full refund will be given less any shipping costs. A prepaid shipping label will be given to you if you call them up or email them and let them know it’s on the way. You will be given a refund 3-5 business days after they get the returned item.

Products & Shopping Experience In Professional Supplement Center

Professional Supplement Center sells a variety of supplements from various sources. Rather than branding their own products or doing their own ingredient sourcing, they instead source supplements from other brands and companies and sell them online. They make supplement shopping simple thanks to their website’s up-to-date and organized interface. In addition to being able to easily find things they sell, you can also request items that aren’t for sale on their website.

They do offer daily deals without the need of a coupon where you can save up to 50% off regular pricing, but they also do seasonal sales and coupon-driven promotions where you can save up to 20% off. There’s no known loyalty program for repeat customers, but if you get into their auto-refill program, you could save a bit of money and time.

They give a free pill dispenser along with the first order of every new customer, and their Refill Rewards program is tempted to join for those who will need a lot of supplements on a regular basis. They do have a star review system on their website, although a lot of products don’t have reviews. They do link to the Google Customer Reviews of their shop, where they average 4.8 stars among over 1,000 reviews total for their website. They also have another 800 reviews from Bizrate and more than 500 from Customers tend to have very positive experiences with customer service which prompts them to leave a review.

Many customers have positively reviewed the service although they mention they haven’t yet noticed results from what they are taking. Having a nurse easily reachable through Professional Supplement Center’s support line is a huge plus and it can help guide people in need of general advice regarding which supplements they should be taken, however, this should not be misconstrued as a replacement for actual one-on-one advice from your primary physician as their nurse will not have access to your medical history and won’t even be able to access your condition. She can merely offer general advice regarding your age and basic ailments.

They do offer non-GMO, soy free, lactose free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and Kosher products that are designated as such. Subscribers to their newsletter get exclusive offers and they hold monthly contests to win free supplements.

Professional Supplement Center Benefits

While the benefits of supplements aren’t yet proven, one of the biggest benefits of purchasing from Professional Supplement Center is the incredibly service you’ll be met with. They can place a special order for you if you’re looking for something specific, and they give you easy access to hundreds of different products. If you have a question, a quick phone call or email will be met with a friendly and knowledgeable support agent. You can even get more in-depth questions answered with access to their company nurse.

Those interested in finding a place that can provide them with all the supplements they take will be pleased with Professional Supplement Center. Their Refill Rewards program will also help consumers save time and money when you decide how often you want supplements to be shipped to your door.

Additionally, their first-time customer promotion will score you a free pill organizer, and you can save a bit of money with their Daily Deals section and regular seasonal and coupon-driven promotions. They are a trusted website and the shopping experience is smooth and secure.

Orders ship the same business day if placed before 2 PM Eastern Time for in-stock items. Out of stock items usually arrive in 1-2 business days to their warehouse and they will notify you if it’s going to be more than 3 business days before your order ships out.

They do display Supplement Facts for most products, and they show whether a product is non-GMO, soy free, lactose free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and/or Kosher.

Professional Supplement Center Negatives

The biggest negative with supplements in general is that their notions are not proven, however, Professional Supplement Center has went above in beyond in clarifying the potential uses of their supplements and what they mean. But, they don’t always display the Supplement Facts panel, which means you could be stuck buying a product that contains something you wish it didn’t (or the other way around).

Another negative is that shipping can occasionally be delayed. If you order an out of stock item, they say you can expect it to arrive to their warehouse in around 2 business days, but if you place your order and that’s not the case, you’ll be stuck waiting. Additionally, they do not have a satisfaction guarantee, meaning you could be stuck with an expensive product that doesn’t work for you. The only way you can return an item is if it’s within 60 days of your purchase and it is unopened and in like new condition. You’ll need to call or email them to get a pre-paid shipping label, and any shipping costs you paid to get the item will not be refunded.

Professional Supplement Center Summary

Professional Supplement Center offers a variety of products to fit the needs of just about anyone. With their quick shipping and high-quality service, any problems you run into will be taken care of right away. They advertise that they offer the freshest supplements and vitamins available, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for in their extensive product catalog, you can put in a special order requests. But, keep in mind that opened products and special orders cannot be returned.

Your order should be expected to ship out quickly, perhaps the same day if you place an order for an in-stock item early on. If your package is delayed, they will notify you by phone or email and give you an idea of when you can expect it. They do handle heat sensitive items and, if you’re looking for general advice, their company nurse will be able to help you. You can actually get a hold of her by calling up their customer service or using their online support section. General information can also be found in their library where they talk about remedies, men’s health, women’s health, and provide an encyclopedia of vitamins.

All in all, they are an established and trustworthy supplement provider that sources from the best possible places to give you a full catalog filled with high-quality options.

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