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QURE – Purified Electrolyte & Alkaline Mineral Infused Water?


Purified Water Infused with Alkaline Minerals

Water is the most important beverage we can consume. It is vital to our hydration and overall wellbeing. Our bodies are consistently releasing water, waste, etc. And, it is imperative to our health that the water, be replaced. Having said that, in today’s society we need to be concerned more than ever about the water we are consuming.

Thankfully, much of the population in the United states – given, not all – have access to running water. They may range in cleanliness, mineral or even chemical content, but much of the population does have access. However, as a society we have also turned to bottled water as an answer. Whereas, this answer isn’t always the right one.

In fact, in some instances the water is not any cleaner, healthier or any more chemical free – and the bottle itself poses its own risks.

Redefine the Water Industry with Qure

Qure set out to redefine the water industry. They define their water as the ‘Zero Waste Alkaline process. They use a nine (9) stage process for purification. They describe this process as being like Mother Nature’s way of doing things – except this water is sparklingly pure. This Qure water is also the perfect mineral to water match up so you are only drinking the good and the bad is completely omitted.

The Stages of Purification With Qure

  1. Purifying: The water is put through nine (9) stages of reverse osmosis to ensure its purity and free of contaminants and impurities that may be harmful.
  2. Mineralizing: After being purified, the water is run through layers of the blend of natural ionic alkaline minerals. This is where the process is similar to that of Mother Nature’s for creating spring water. It is in this process that the perfection of mineral to water is achieved.
  3. Quring: It is here, that the curing process happens and the water reaches a natural ionic bonding place for pH stability.
  4. Polishing: With the high pH reading, the water is then passed through coconut and mesh filtration for a silky and smooth taste.
  5. Disinfecting: The last but possibly most important step is where the water is passed through with ultraviolet sterilization for a clean and crisp feel.

Need More Information on the Qure Alkaline Water?

Perhaps you are someone that the whole water concept really matters to you – in more depth than what has been outline thus far. If that is the case, there are the scientific studies completed on Alkaline water available on the Qure website.

In addition, you can find the facility and bottling process information and how to understand the pH scale as well.

Overall, the main difference with the Qure brand is they have taken mother nature’s process and simply enhanced it. Instead of jumping the bang wagon and following what the rest of the industry is doing – Qure dove in and went deeper. They were confident in the way things were intended to be in nature, and taking it to a whole new level was the goal.

How to Order QURE

Qure Alkaline (10ph) Water is available for purchase at the following retailers;

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart Online
  3. Qure Online

And, if you visit their website simply enter in your Zip Code and all the local retailers will be listed for you.

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