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Teaspressa – Natural Organic Herbal Black & Green Tea Sets?


There is no better way to start the day than with a robust, refreshing, and delicious cup of coffee or tea. Of course, for those who are passionate about both beverages, it can certainly be difficult to choose the right one. The good news is that there is a new brand on the market who makes its tea profile to be similar to that of coffee and to do so, it follows a brewing method unlike that of other brands on the market.

With that, this review would like to introduce Teaspressa. This brand and its tea products are certainly an interesting addition to any part of the day and it offers great tea products for tea and coffee lovers alike.

What Is Teaspressa?

Teaspressa is a new tea brand that makes its products out of all-natural, organic, and pure tea leaves. However, the brewing process ultimately results in a cup of tea that is similar to that of coffee. Ultimately, the brand’s methods have resulted in an “exciting new tea profile” for all users to enjoy. Those who choose this brand ca enjoy the robust flavor of coffee in their tea beverages and better yet, they can enjoy from the various health benefits that the beverages have to offer as well.

How to Make Teaspressa Tea

Because the tea offered by Teaspressa is similar to coffee in its profile and flavor, then the brewing method to create a cup of tea is a bit different as well. According to the brand, its most effective brewing method is the “tea shot” which results in a beverage similar to expresso. To make a tea shot using the brand’s products, the brand recommends a Moka Pot or an AeroPress. With these tools, users can make a tea shot that provides a boost of health benefits and a delicious beverage in which a bit of sugar, cream, or milk can be added.

The second option is the traditional cup of tea. While not as potent or concentrated as the tea shot, this approach still results in a full-bodied and robust cup of tea. The best way to create a cup of tea with the brand’s products is to use a French Press of Pour Over. This creates a consistency similar to that of pour over coffee and users can determine the strength of the beverage by removing the tea from the French Press at any time.

The Tea Options

There are a number of tea products offered by Teaspressa. Here are the main products that users can choose form when browsing through the website:

Manhattan Black

Those who love black tea will appreciate the Manhattan Black. When brewed correctly, it results in a beverage similar to that of strong espresso with chocolate notes. The flavor is full, robust, and it pairs well with a deep and rich dessert or even a meal. The brand even lists a number of other pairings on its website to that users can fully maximize their experience. This particular product also seems to be a favorite among buyers.

Cape Town Tea

Cape Town Tea is a bit lighter and it is a rooibos type of tea that has a number of healthful qualities. The texture is mild, and the aroma is rich so that those who add it can have a refreshing and light experience. The brand recommends adding a bit of lemon or honey to the beverage to fully bring out the flavors. In addition, the brand also lists a number of optimal pairings.

Green Gold

Green Gold is ideal for those who love green tea. It strikes a perfect balance and it features a natural body and earthy character. Unlike the Manhattan Black, this tea pairs well with lighter foods such as salads, chicken, seafood, and light desserts. Users will also appreciate the refreshing quality of this beverage.

Charles Grey

Those who are familiar with Earl Grey Tea may want to try an alternative – the Charles Grey Tea. This tea is specially crafted from loose black tea and it contains sophisticated tastes and an excellent aroma. It is also infused with bergamot, leading to an uplifting and citrusy flavor. The tea also pairs well with desserts, white chocolate, and Leicester cheese.

These are the main product options when it comes to teas. When users purchase them in jar form, they can then keep the jars and fill them with the bag products that the brand offers. In addition, the brand features a number of accessories that users can purchase through the site that enables them to brew the tea better.

Teaspressa Review Summary

Overall, those who are interested in adding a unique, high-end, and quality tea brand to their lifestyle may want to consider Teaspressa. To learn more and to make a purchase, just visit the brand’s website today.

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