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Therapure – Healthy Certified Organic Essentials Oils & Products?

Therapure Health Essentials is a company that develops natural and organic solutions for consumers to treat both their mind and body. The remedies are available for direct purchase on the website, though consumers are encouraged to become part of the team as a sales rep for the brand.

What Is Therapure?

When someone starts to feel an illness coming on, or their body is not performing in the way that it should, most people turn to the support they get from medications and prescriptions. However, these remedies are only created to help consumers for a limited time over a few hours, and will not actually help the immune system to get the desired results. The key to retraining the body is to find products that nourish it, rather than just healing one symptom. That’s where Therapure Health Essentials comes in.

The Therapure Health Essentials brand helps consumers get greater vitality and longevity in their lives, using products that were created to solve illnesses and to keep the body balanced. With impressive results, consumers can take the time to nourish their body and alleviate the symptoms of conditions that medication barely handles. All the research indicates that a simple change to the mental state of the user can make the way that the physical body reacts even more helpful to the user’s problems. With products that promote life-enhancement, rather than just problem-solving, then Therapure is a good place to start.

Along with the remedies that help heal the body, consumers will notice that many of the remedies are meant to be used in a protective way. For instance, radiation shields are available to keep cell phone radiation from seeping into the body, and antioxidants neutralize the toxins that can cause illness and skin issues.

Read on below to find out more information about the Therapure Health Essentials options.

Therapure Products

The big appeal of Therapure is their expansive list of products that consumers can use to include in their holistic healing efforts. The treatments deal with five different categories from the brand, which are:

  • Health
  • Wearables
  • Aromatherapy
  • Personal Care
  • Sustainable Living

Read on below to learn about the types of products that Therapure provides to consumers.


The entire website deals with health products, but the Health section only deals with a couple of different product categories – Antioxidants & Pearlcium, Detoxification, and Whole Food Pharmacy.

The only Antioxidants available on the website come in the form of a tea, which reduces the buildup in the body. The Pearlcium is a powder, which helps consumers to restore the alkalized state that it needs to be in to thrive.

The Detoxification section has a variety of teas and tests that help consumers see exactly how much toxic buildup is in the body. Luckily, this section also has solutions for it as well.

Whole Food Pharmacy offers a few different food products that are packed with organic ingredients to help consumers get more vitamins and minerals in their diet. They can be used as a meal replacement, though there are some products that are meant as a snack.


The only Wearables on the website are the Gurkees Sandals. These sandals are soft and relaxing, giving the consumer a much more delicate area to walk on than the hard floor beneath the user’s feet. They are available for just over $30, though there is no indication of how long they can last.


The use of aromatherapy is meant to change the mental state with the use of different smells that the user is meant to inhale. However, there are many ways to use aromatherapy without directly smelling a certain fragrance. This category of the company deals with multiple products that give consumers different ways to use aromatherapy in their lives.

The AromaPendants contain different scents within a necklace pendan, while diffusers help to emit the remedy throughout a room to start healing the entire household. There are essential oils available, which are the most common way to activate different processes and healing. To take care of the bottles, consumers can also get carrying cases or display racks at home.

Personal Care

In the Personal Care category, consumers will find products that protect them from everything, whether it is potential foot dryness or toxins from the radiation in cell phones.

The BioElectric Shields protect consumers from “invisible energy drains,” which can come from working with electronics or even speaking with people that expose the user to a range of emotions. These simple necklaces help consumers to protect themselves from absorbing too much energy.

Anti-radiation shields are provided as well, helping to protect consumers from the exposure that they receive while talking on cell phones, or being around cell phones.

The Essential Cleansing products primarily include bars of soap and other products that will be used to wash the body. However, there is also the PureGreen24, which comes in spray bottles and jugs as a disinfectant around the home. Foot Care products are also available, to heal the skin on the foot and create a healthy environment.

Personal Energizing Machines are a big part about the company, and there are plenty of different options to help consumers get more energy support through massage.

Sustainable Living

Under the Sustainable Living category, the only thing consumers will find is a gray water filter, which is priced at $674.00. Rather than wasting all that water, consumers can recycle it by nourishing their garden and landscaping. Essentially, consumers use the water two times, and they control all the automated system’s functions with a Smart Controller.

Getting Involved With Therapure Health Essentials

Right now, the creator of the company is offering the chance for consumers to become a rep with the brand. Participants only need about four hours a week to reap the benefits, but there is no network marketing or MLM. Instead, the reps are encouraged to show the products to consumers to educate them about the holistic methods from the brand today.

To get involved, consumers can reach out to customer service to learn more details.

Contacting The Therapure Customer Service Team

With all the products available through Therapure, consumers may want to learn a little more about them to make the best decision for their current health conditions. The customer service team provides both a phone number and email address for consumers to reach out to them.

  • Phone: 1 (877) 846-8669 (toll-free) or (951) 679-3519 (local)
  • Email:

Therapure Conclusion

Therapure Health Essentials offers products that are basically for everyone. Though there are not remedies that specifically say that they are needed for certain people, consumers can take a chance with any of the products that alleviate the toxins that are typically the cause of any irritation. The holistic methods almost exclusively use organic ingredients to get the most support out of the substances used, playing a significant role in the healing process. Consumers even have the chance to become a representative of the brand, if they feel so inclined.

If you want to stop having to rely on prescriptions and drugs to help you feel your best, check out the selection of products available with Therapure Health Essentials.

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