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Vinci 2.0 – AI Wireless Headphones With Built-In Fitness Tracker?

For many individuals, it is nearly impossible to manage a quality workout routine with musical beat to go with it. The trouble is -wearing headphones during one’s fitness routine can be a dangerous, inconvenient, and uncomfortable experience, especially considering how most headphones are designed. Fortunately, one brand has created headphones that are ideal for a fitness regimen and they are called Vinci 2.0 Ultimate Fitness Headphones. These voice-controlled headphones enable users to work out in a safe manner so that they can focus on what matters – developing a stronger and leaner figure.

What Is Vinci 2.0?

Vinci 2.0 Ultimate Fitness Headphones is a product that is currently going through the funding process on Kickstarter. Unlike most headphones on the market, these ones are voice activated so that users can manage the components they need to, without the hassle of handling a mobile device or the headphones themselves. Further, throughout the workout routine, users will be able to stay connected, even when they leave their mobile device behind. During a workout regimen, all users need is their workout gear and their headphones.

Vinci 2.0 Features

There are a number of features that make Vinci 2,0 Ultimate Fitness Headphones a truly unique solution. Here are the main components of these headphones so that users know what to look forward to:

Calls And Messages Directly From Vinci 2.0

One of the most interesting features of these headphones is that they enable users to make calls and to send messages all through the voice activated feature. The headphones feature a quad-core ARM cortex A-7 processor, WiFi, 3G cellular, and Bluetooth connectivity. With these qualities, users can enjoy from similar capabilities to what their mobile device offers.

Song Streaming

Second, these headphones also provide users with phone streaming. The phone steaming feature enables users to stream 42 million songs right to their ears. To stream the muscle, the headphones integrate with applications such as Amazon Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and KKBOx. With all of the music available, users can enjoy from consistent beats as they power through their workout regimen.

Receive Important Phone Alerts

Third, the headphones are designed to ensure that users receive important phone alerts as well. Therefore, even if one leaves their mobile device at home, they’re still connected because the headphones receive the push notifications sent to the phone. With these features, users can maintain consistent connectivity.

A Completely Hands-Free Device

Finally, these headphones are a completely hands-free device. Users can stop fiddling with their phone or their headphones and instead, they can start focusing on what really matters – their workout routine and pushing themselves to the fullest. Further, the headphones make it so much easier to stay efficient throughout their entire workout regimen.

Clearly, there are many positive features associated with Vinci 2.0 Ultimate Fitness Headphones. These headphones are designed with prime materials as well that make using the phone an optimal experience. For example. The phone features a bone conduction mic so that users have crystal clear voice recognition, preventing repetition and inconvenience. Additionally, the brand uses only the latest technology in the headphones so that users truly receive the best.

Featured In The Media

There are many ways to gauge whether one is making the right decision when it comes to their headphones. In this case, Vinci 2.0 has been featured extensively throughout various media sources and it has been praised for its performance and qualities as well. For example, the product has appeared in Geeky Gadgets, Yahoo Sports, Forbes, Wearable, Digital Trends, Circa, Amazing Reveal, and so many other sources. Those who are interested in the product can also read the many testimonials on the brand’s crowdfunding page.

Vinci 2.0 Summary

Ultimately, Vinci 2.0 is a revolutionary approach to using headphones when working out. The product has features that enables users to focus on their workout routine without handling their mobile device or the headphones either. Further, the headphones allow for a safer, more effective, and powerful workout regimen so that users can develop the outcomes that they are striving for. The brand has exceeded its funding goals and the product is poised to be released in April 2018.

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