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Weekend Detox Diet – African-American Women’s Weight Loss Guide?

The Weekend Detox Diet is a program that is specifically helps African American women to lose weight and eliminate toxins from the body. The program is available as digital content, which is ideal for women that are on-the-go, but want to keep access to the guide wherever they are.

What is the Weekend Detox Diet?

Losing weight is a hard enough problem for the general consumer without adding the individual’s race to the mix. Even though many programs cater to the everyday participant, there is some research that suggests that the way that African American women burn through fat is less productive than Caucasians. With this small notion, the creators of the Weekend Detox Diet had a theme for their e-guide.

The Weekend Detox Diet advertises that they have a weight loss solution that will help the user lose up to 35lbs at an incredibly fast pace. The program is meant for overall weight loss, rather than targeting different areas of the body, which is unrealistic for any regimen as it is. The website stays that the user will soon be following a treatment that has been followed for hundreds of years.

It appears that the regimen helps to eliminate foods from the diet that are overly processed or modern, since these foods were not available to consumers during earlier centuries. The reason that they theorize that consumers struggle with obesity now has everything to do with the fact that the body was not originally intended to eat so much. This theory implies that the program will help consumers to learn to eat less, fulfilling the satiation their body actually needs, rather than overeating until they put on even more weight.

Too many people give up on their weight loss goals, or they seek out plastic surgery and liposuction that will merely reduce their overall size. While surgery may help to slim down the consumer, they will still have the habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place, and will likely need to repeat the treatment over and over. The best solution to overcome the struggle with fat is to find a program that deals with the bad habits, and replaces them with better ones.

What Will Consumers Learn From The Weekend Detox Diet?

The reason that the body is overweight is because there is some sort of imbalance that needs to be corrected for the participant to slim down. Some of the lessons that consumers will learn are:

  • How much food the body is meant to consume
  • Why overeating wreaks havoc on the body
  • How much food is considered “reasonable”
  • What physical activity to engage in
  • How to maintain energy levels
  • Why starvation is not necessary to weight loss
  • What diseases consumers risk by being overweight
  • How excess fat can make consumers sick
  • Why it is easy to regain the weight with other programs
  • Why this regimen is an easy why to control the appetite

This program helps consumers to replace their regular eating plan with a liquid diet each week, purifying the body of the toxins that it could typically absorb during this time. The digestive system processes liquids much easier than solid foods, and it absorbs into the body faster for increased nutrients. Since everyone has different dietary restrictions, consumers will find that they also have the choice of a vegan regimen throughout the week and weekends.

During the liquid diet on the weekends, consumers will be able to have enough of the different options to eliminate hunger entirely. Even though this part of the program involves eating foods that some consumers would not consider filling, the creators state that the diet is balanced in such a way that they will not feel the typical hunger pangs.

During the week with solid foods, consumers will actually be able to eat a lot of the foods that they already like, including noodles and various lean meats, which are complemented with herbs and spices.

Consumers will also take on a regimen that involves maintaining an average amount of physical activity during the day, rather than remaining sedentary. Typically, consumers should expect to be moving around in some way for at least 7 hours daily on weekdays.

There is no indication on the website to say exactly how long the user needs to stay on the program to lose the 35lbs promised.

Pricing for The Weekend Detox Diet

To participate in the Weekend Detox Diet, consumers only need to pay $28 for all the content advertised online. Consumers will instantly be able to access the information online, rather than having to wait for it to be delivered to the consumer. However, if the participant wants to have a physical copy of the materials, they can print it off for personal use.

If this product does not work to help the user achieve the desired products, then most companies with this type of remedy will offer about 60 days to relinquish rights for a full refund. However, consumers will need to reach out to the customer service team to discuss this policy.

Contacting the Creators of The Weekend Detox Diet

Even with the information provided on the promotional video and on the advertisement, consumers may want to learn more details to make a decision. They may even decide to relinquish their rights to the content. To get ahold of customer service, contact the department with a message by clicking “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page.

The Weekend Detox Diet Review Conclusion

The Weekend Detox Diet has some information on the website, but consumers are probably going to be left with a lot of questions until they participate in the program. The regimen does not really focus on calories for its own reasons, but consumers need to make sure that this program gives them enough food each day. Though this may cause weight loss, consumers need to figure out a viable regimen to maintain after the original diet to keep the weight off.

Even though the Weekend Detox Diet is geared towards African American women, other cultures and races should still be able to reap some benefit from its use. Speak with a medical professional to determine if this regimen meets your needs.

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