ZEEQ Smart Pillow – Track Sleep, Play Music & Quit Snoring Benefits?

There are few things better than waking up refreshed, alert, energetic, and able to face the day with a bright and positive attitude. One of the main factors that influences one’s quality of sleep is what they sleep on. All too often, people sleep on low-quality pillows, leading to neck discomfort, an inability to feel comfortable, and of course, a quality night’s sleep.

With that, it may be best to add a new type of pillow to one’s life style and this review would like to recommend one that has received stellar feedback.

Called Zeeq Pillow, this product enables users to sleep comfortably throughout the night and without issue so that users can wake up feeling refreshed and alert.

What Is The Zeeq Smart Pillow?

The Zeeq Smart Pillow is a new product on the market that enables user to sleep well throughout the night, with an added bonus, which it also mitigates snoring. This way, not only can the sleeper breathe easy, but their partner can also sleep well too.

With this product, users can enjoy from the benefits of comfort and technology combined. The product has a number of technological features that make getting a good night’s sleep easy. Further, those who use this pillow will love how comfortable it is.

How The ZEEQ Smart Pillow Works

Before choosing a product, it is always important to understand how it works. This way, users can verify whether the product is right for them and their needs. In this case, the Zeeq Smart Pillow features sensors that actually hear when one snores. The sensors “hear” by way of the internal vibrations that the snoring causes.

Once the sensors pick up on the snoring, they start to vibrate the sensors on their own to nudge users to adjust their sleep position. By alternating the sleep position, users are able to prevent restricted airways and to sleep much better throughout the night. More importantly, even one’s partner may be able to get in their necessary amount of shut-eye.

Fall Asleep Faster

Those who use the Zeeq Pillow have also reported an ability to fall asleep faster. Users can stop relying upon harmful sleep aids such as medications and sleeping pills and instead, incorporate this simple and no-fuss solution to their sleep routine. The product features built-in speakers that stream music so that users can put on their most soothing tunes to lull them to sleep.

The speakers also are a great way to get some music into one’s bedroom. To make sure that the music does not interrupt individuals throughout the night, users can program a timer that will automatically turn off the music. Keep in mind that to use this feature, it is necessary to sync the brand’s application to the pillow.

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow Application

As previously mentioned, Zeeq comes with a nifty application as well. The app has a number of interesting features that enables users to apply technology to control the pillow and their sleep routine. Those who add the application to the use of Zeeq will be able to program the music features on the pillow, they can view a sleep analysis chart that details information such as snore volume, sleep time, movements and so much more.

With the application, users can apply all of the data to their sleep routine so that they can constantly work at generating a better night’s sleep. Further, unlike other application interfaces, this one is very easy to use and it generates just the right results.

The Anatomy Of The Zeeq Smart Pillow

Those who use the Zeeq Smart Pillow should probably understand its anatomy to get a sense of how it works and its features. Here are the main qualities of the pillow so that users know what they are using:

  • Features a removable and washable tencel cover
  • Adjustable comfort fit
  • Comfort foam outer shell
  • 2 adjustable vibration monitors that react to snoring
  • Remote control
  • 8 precision placed wireless speakers
  • Decibel-tuned microphone monitors
  • Binaural audio wave technology
  • 3 axis gyrocope tracks sleep motion

With all of these features, users can be certain that they are getting an effective and high-quality product. The pillow is not only equipped with the latest technology, but it also generates excellent comfort so that users can sleep without issue throughout the night.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Featured In The Media

There are many ways to verify whether or not one is making the right decisions for their sleep needs. In this case, Zeeq has been featured in the media extensively and in a positive light as well. This treatment of the product suggests that it is one that works well and that users can feel good about adding to their lifestyle. A few of the main media sources that have praised the Zeeq Smart Pillow are Time, Today, Reader’s Digest, CNet, Sports Illustrated, International Business Times, Yahoo, the Huffington Post, and so many more.

A 60-Day Risk Free Trial

Another reason to try using Zeeq is that it comes with a 60-day risk free trial. This trial period makes it easier for users to make the purchase and to give the product a try because after all, if it does not work well or meet expectations, users can also return it within the 60 day period. Also, the product’s price has been discounted from $299 to $199, which is 33% off the original price. At this rate, users have very little to lose and most likely, they are making a decision that they can be proud of and will be satisfied with over the long term.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Summary

Ultimately, those who are looking to finally sleep well throughout the night and without interruptions may want to consider trying Zeeq. The pillow can be ordered online through the brand’s website and it comes with free shipping throughout the United States. Those who have any questions before purchasing can contact the brand on the website. The chat feature makes it easy to converse and to get the right answers before one buys.

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